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 Caesar 2 Cheats

Caesar 2

Cheat Codes:
Type in tarmac to enter cheat mode

1. chrisedwards         - all weapons
2. arloeisenberg        - full life
3. bhardin              - invincible barriers

This code does not ruin you score or anything else. It just works.
If it doesn't work. You must be plain stupid. Have fun playing!

This cheat is the same as the one above, but this one is a little easier:

First you have to save your game.. Then use DE or something to hexedit the
file. Goto offset 207340 and change it to FF FF FF, do the same at offset

This way you will have so many Dinari you won't be able to use them all.
Start a new game and save it. Hexedit that file and change 16 4e to
16 ff 03

Caesar 2
Create disease:
Click on the "Build Praefecture" button. 
Click the Right Mouse Button on a square with a 
house to infect that house with disease. 

Faster time:
Hold A while in "City" or "Province" mode.

(Hex Cheat)

It seems that the saved game files are consistent in size and come in at
 225,745 bytes. This saved game file was created right at the start of 
game and the money amount was 19,990. Converting that to a hexadecimal
value yielded 4E 16 and searching the saved game file for the reverse 
amount, found 16 4E in two locations near the end of the saved game file.
It seems that hacking money into the first location will work and it may 
not be necessary to hack the 2nd location altho it isusually well advised
that you hack both locations just to be on the safe side. So here is a 
summary of the basic steps involved in this example:

1) Convert your decimal money value to a hexadecimal value:
19,990 Dn (decimal) = 4E 16 (hexadecimal)

2) Search your saved game file for the reverse amount:
16 4E which was found in the following two locations:

Location 1: Offset 207,340, hex 329EC
Location 2: Offset 221,132, hex 35FCC

3) Hack in your higher money amount. To be on the safe side 
we will only hack in 5,000,000 Dn which is 4C 4B 40 in hex 
but to get that amount we hack in the reverse amount which 
mirrors the search technique that found the money locations 
in the first place:

So for each location below where I have indicated where 
the money resides in the saved game file, 
change: 16 4E 00 to 40 4B 4C

When you start your game up again you should have $5,000,000 Dn.

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