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  Hints and Tips for: Call of Duty: Warzone 
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 Call of Duty: Warzone Cheats

Call of Duty: Warzone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

All Helicopter Locations:
Around the map, there are 8 main locations where you can find a helicopter. 
To Arklov Peak to the City Port of Verdansk, there are multiple locations.

* Helicopter Locations
* Grazna Bridge
* Gora Dam
* Arklove Peak Military Base
* Verdansk Hospital
* Downtown Tavorsk District
* Near the bank of City of Verdansk Port
* Zordaya Prison Complex
* BCH TV Station

Visit these locations to find Helicopters in Call of Duty Warzone. However, we 
do suggest that you avoid using Helicopters in Call of Duty Warzone. There are 
launchers in Warzone that can easily take down the chopper which means all of 
your team can die instantly.

General Gameplay Tips:
* Be sure to adjust your control scheme to fit your playstyle. Some players 
prefer the Tactical layout to make “Drop-shotting” easier.

* Don’t forget to adjust the sensitivity! If you’re newer to FPS, finding 
the right sensitivity for you is important for optimal play.

* Perks go into effect when you select a loadout from a Loadout Drop, so 
be sure to use perks that work well in Warzone.

* Try to stagger using Killstreaks with your team if you’re communicating 
with them to maximize their impact. If you really want to get tactical, chat 
with your team and equip Killstreaks that work well together.

* If you see an enemy Loadout Drop land nearby, wait to see if you can catch 
them while they’re interacting with the crate for an easy kill.

* Reviving can take around 5-6 seconds, so make sure you’re safe before 
helping out a friend.

* You can cut your parachute to drop faster, but be aware, you must deploy 
it again to land safely.

* Try to land near a weapon stash so you can get into the action quickly.

* Yo u take less fall damage in Battle Royale mode.

* Wait to take engagements until you have armor and stock up on armor plates.

* Holding the replenish armor button will continually fill up all bars, for 
as many armor plates as you have available.

* Try to scavenge an area before moving to the next one.

* Pick up all ammo types, even if you don’t currently have a gun that 
utilizes it.

* Use Free Look while dropping onto the map to get a better sense of where 
some of your opponents are headed.

* Always crouch if you know enemies are nearby. 
This can help you detect where they’re coming from.

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