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  Hints and Tips for: Car Detailing Simulator 
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 Car Detailing Simulator Cheats

Car Detailing Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Cars Jobs Guide:
Written by Zelaird Gervik

For Car Detailing Simulator players, this guide is about what you can 
do to all cars in game, all the main jobs are listed below, 
letís check them out.

1. Abori 81
Clean the car
* Foam up car
* Clean car
* Wipe car body

2. Croft Doser
This job requires you to buy the Polishing kit ($300)

Clean the car
* Foam up car
* Clean car
* Wipe car body

Polish the bodywork
You donít really need the flashlight, you can just drag the Orbital 
Polisher over everything since itís faster.

3. Nekomobile
For this job youíll need the Wheels kit ($300), the Window kit ($300),
the Stain Removal kit ($300) and youíll need to buy another rack for 
you kits ($100)

Wash the wheels
* Clean the inside of wheel rims
* Clean fender
* Wash wheel

Wash the windows
* Clean the car
* Foam up car
* clean car
* Wipe car body

Repair seats
* Just remove the stains, lol

-=Split off=-
At this point, the tutorial is over, and you get a bunch of cars to work on.

To clean side mirrors, just use the cloth in the Window cleaning kit

To paint a car, go to Store, then click on Services, then go to Varnish. 
Make sure you paint it the correct color as what the job needs!

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