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  Hints and Tips for: Carrier Deck 
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 Carrier Deck Cheats

Carrier Deck

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

How to Finish Campaign Mode with Five Star Score:
Written by alrightythen

Finishing the campaign mode with a perfect five star score is hard. 
This is how I did it.

-=How to Win the Last Mission=-
I found I was able to finish the game, but not with five perfect stars. 
But after a lot of practice and honing the reflexes, and techniques, 
I figured out one way to do it:

* Allocate your planes correctly. In this map you need to take out two 
surface ships in quick succession that are real beasts of 5+1 power, 
meaning you need all, repeat, all of your F18 Super Hornets loaded for 
blue/surface attacks and ready on deck (after the first wave of air 
attacks). This means that instead it is actually your A6 Prowlers that 
need to be rigged for air combat whenever possible and sent on air attack 
missions, to spare the F18 Super Hornets from getting worn out and needing 
repairs at the crucial moment of need with the ships. This also means a 
pair of your three S3 Vikings will need to be ready and loaded for 
Electronic Warfare at all times when not searching for subs. Additionally, 
do not send your helicopters on any scanning missions, period, as you will 
also need all four in back to back submarine attack missions. If you have 
any gaps in your S3 Viking scanning coverage, you can cope with it if you 
are quick on your response.

* Keep your planes on deck. I donít know if itís possible to keep any of 
your planes down below in the hangar and win this mission. And itís not 
necessary. Top tip: always keep a red plane on a catapult for air 
intercepts, and you can use Elevator 1 simply as a parking space for some 
of your blue/surface F18 Super Hornets while using Elevators 2, 3, and 4 
for all the repair needs. Iím sure you have figured that out by now. Anyway, 
the point is, you are definitely going to need to scramble your ten blue/
surface F18 Super Hornets in a hurry, so you have to keep them handy.

* Prioritise your EC2 Hawkeyes. When they need to come in to land, make 
sure you get them to jump the queue and refuel them ASAP. You need long 
range blue/surface scanning for the extra warning. When both of them need 
refueling at once, prioritise surface scanning. Like with subs, if you 
only get a warning about a red/air attack in the last few seconds, you 
can respond in time if you have got everything on deck ready and tidy.

* Repair your planes as soon as it is quiet, when they donít Ďneedí it. 
When the sh*t hits the fan and you need to launch a dozen planes quickly, 
you wonít be able to avoid having a couple that need repairs at the worst 
possible moment, but you can definitely avoid having most of them needing
repairs. Thankfully the incoming 5+1 surface ships move quite slowly and 
you may actually have time to land an F18 Super Hornet and get it back 
up on deck, to a parking space, loaded, to a catapult, and launched in 
time. But you will not be able to do that over and over again.

* This mission is the culmination of your skills in managing your queues. 
Your landing queue especially needs your complete attention. It is going 
to be full a lot of the time in this mission, meaning that one plane will 
smack down and needs you to click it away to a parking space immediately 
or else the next one is about to pile straight into it. Boom! Explosion. 
There goes your five stars. For this, really you can only practice. 
Practice knowing the gameís timing of when the plane becomes Ďclickableí 
on deck, and practice knowing the paths that they take to taxi there to 
avoid blockages (if two of your planes bump into each other and stop and
reverse in this mission, you are screwed). Practice keeping certain planes
in certain areas (like I said I keep two/three red planes in the top left 
corner+catapult at all times, and blue on the rest of the spots, Vikings 
and Helos at the back) and practice recognising the silhouettes and names
and knowing which plane is going to go where and what you are doing with 
it next. That way your landing queue is just a matter of clicking twice, 
with no thinking involved. Simply execute the patterns you have memorised. 
The landing queue runs so quickly that you donít really have time to think.
I suggest any plane that comes down needing repairs go immediately to 
Elevator 3 (or 2 if in use) and as above if there is another F18 Super 
Hornet coming down straight after it you may as well send it there for 
repairs too, and make the most gain out of your limited attention being 
spent on managing that Elevator. Practice managing your attention. When 
you practice, practice doing things as quickly as possible with minimum 
number of clicks. Practice this mission over and over again to see what 
attacks come and when.

* As part of your practice, also get familiar with calling down your 
aircraft for landing early. As early as possible. This gives you perhaps 
ten extra seconds for parking and repairing, because you never know when 
that one plane or helo is going to appear on your screen belching black 
smoke just when you needed to reload it. Buy yourself time by Queuing 
missions and launching them quickly and calling down for landings early.

* Hotkeys are 1, 2, 3, and 4 to control the elevators. Use them.

* Donít use launching or landing cameras. Keep your attention on the 
wide picture.

* Finally, maybe this goes without saying, but donít ever send a plane 
out when it is smoking and needs repairs. If you get a rescue mission pop 
up and mess up your game-plan, you are screwed. Absolutely not worth the 
risk in this mission.

* In summary, while this mission seems impossible at first, it is just a 
matter of practice. When you have played the campaign a few times and 
spent some time doing Survival mode (for me it has been about 20 hours of 
game time) you will figure out how to be really, really, really quick on 
all these things. Getting planes from A to B without bottlenecks and 
reversals on deck. Being able to click a plane on the exact second it has 
parked itself and is ready for reloading. 

* Getting ahead of your launching and landing queues, acting, and not just 
responding, because responding takes thinking time and the game will blow 
something up if you think too much.

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