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  Hints and Tips for: Carsteroids 
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 Carsteroids Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Shop Items:
Written by bkdove studios

-=Weapons, Power-ups & Bonuses=-

-=3 Way shot=- 
makes your primary weapon split into 3 different directions. 
Adds +1 to your shotpower every time you buy it. 

-=Bouncing shot(*)=-
replaces your primary shot with a bouncing sphere. You can attach it 
to your hex-shield to make it last longer. 
Adds +1 to the shotpower every time you buy it. 

-=Spread shot(**)=-
replaces your primary shot with a machine gun. 
Adds +1 to your shotpower every time you buy it. 

explosive weapon. When deployed it rolls forward on the ground. 
Explodes on contact or after few seconds. 
You cannot buy it if your car is equipped with mines. 

explosive weapon. When deployed it firmly sticks to the ground. 
You cannot buy it if your car is already equipped with bombs. 

gives protection from any non-explosive weapon. It lasts longer with a 
bouncing sphere attached to it. You can recharge it by scooping the 
arena energy borders when active. 

makes you invisible for few seconds. If you fire when invisible, your 
firepower will have a +10 bonus but this will drain your energy. 

-=Armor upgrade=-
it gives more protection against any weapon that hits you and any 
collision. Adds +1 to the armor bonus every time you buy it. 

-=Energy recharge=-
probably your first choice every time you visit the shop. 
This item recharges your energy in full.

-=Alien drug stim=-
this item slows the time, allowing you to concentrate the fire on faster 
enemies or to avoid to be hit. 
This item lasts longer compared to the arena pickup. 

-=Double money bonus=- 
this bonus doubles the money you'll earn in the next stage you play. 
It applies to bonus stages as well.

-=Bonus stage ticket=-
this ticket gives the access to one of the bonus stages. It can be combined 
with the double money bonus (X2) to earn more money at the end of a stage. 

(*) This item can be used only by the main character.
(**) This item can be used only by the parasite.

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