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  Hints and Tips for: Cartel Tycoon 
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 Cartel Tycoon Cheats

Cartel Tycoon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Tips:
Written by donvoniano

Join the dev’s discord channel as there are a lot of closed beta 
veteran players answering questions.
Calculate the capacity of your export, and build according to its 
limit. Never exceed that as overflowing goods means net loss. Also 
always keep an eye on the warehouses’ workload. It is not worth to 
station a lieutenant for the extra truck in warehouses because in 
most cases you can just build an extra one. 
Do not rush to satisfy the other mayor in story mode if you are still 
new to the game and is not rich by the time you reach the mission. 
Keeping zero stars is much more important than rushing the quest-line, 
because the cops will surely cripple your income. 
Make sure you have positive balance going into your residence or your 
hotel, and make sure everything (and everyone) that runs on dirty 
money is connected to them. 
Try not to build sharp turns on busy roads, as they greatly reduce 
the truck’s speed.

Everything You Need to Know About Research Tree:
Written by Under Andr

It’s been a while since we’ve released our Research Tree update, but we wanted 
to revisit it with this post and give a more detailed guide on how the Research 
Tree works. It’s massive, and looking at it with unfamiliar eyes may cause joy 
of anticipation, a feeling of exploration but also panic.

We don’t want the last one to happen because of our game, so here goes the 
guide for the Research Tree.

-=What is the Research Tree?=-
Research Tree allows you to, duh, research more buildings for your Empire but 
also upgrade already researched buildings. It has 3 Tiers, and Tiers I and II 
are unlockable from the beginning of the game, and getting access to Tier III 
requires you to build a University in any of your cities.

Click it and the world of wonder and innovation will open to you.

You can use the Research Tree to upgrade all non-city buildings you can build, 
excluding Special Residencies, they’re powerful on their own. Research Tree 
includes different Tiers of Research, and each building on every Tier also has 
additional upgrades.

-=Research Tiers and When to reach them=-
Let’s go through the Tiers.

* Tier I has all the buildings you need for the Early Game. Farms, Warehouses, 
a Transport Company. Some of them you can use from the start, and some of them 
you need to Research first. If you stay on this comfortable and easy Tier though, 
you probably won’t be able to become the most feared/loved, and powerful Capo in 
the world of Cartel Tycoon.

* To get to Tier II, you need to unlock it first by clicking the big “II” on the 
Research Tree. Doing that takes some of your hard-earned Legal Money but also 
grants you the ability to research Tier II itself. And that’s where it gets a bit 
trickier. With the Research Tree Update, we’ve introduced a non-linear research 
progression. Before that, you needed to research, for example, Farm I to get access 
to Farm II, and you needed to research that to get access to Farm III. We thought 
it wasn’t very fun and engaging so we made the Research Tree an actual tree, not 
a straight line. So now you have multiple “branches” to reach the desired research 

* The same goes for Tier III. Click the big “III” button, and you’re good to go. 
You also may notice that you can’t research upgrades to River Piers – they’re 
obtainable through the Story Mode and the “That Sinking Feeling” campaign, which 
I highly recommend you to play.

-=Where to research from there?=-
And now for Building upgrades, They differ between building categories. For 
example, producing buildings as Farms and Plantations will be able to produce 
and store more products in a shorter time when upgraded.

Logistics buildings like Transport Company and Warehouse will have more trucks, 
storage, and connections (or a bigger radius) available.

”But, sir, why would I ever-ever need to upgrade to the next Tier of the Research 
Tree, if I can just upgrade my Farm I with all the cool things like capacity and 
Ahhh, of course, you can! It won’t be as good as Farm II, but it’s also a strategy 
you can implement. But as your empire, your needs, and your money and production 
volumes will rise, you’ll still feel that it’s not enough and will find the need 
to upgrade!

Unless you’re doing SL1, no Research, any% speedrun, of course. Oh, whoops, wrong game.

The other important thing is – don’t forget about Lieutenants! Why? Because some of 
them can give you free Research Upgrades as long as they’re in your Cartel. That can 
be especially helpful in the early game when you don’t have enough money to research 
everything you want, and your Lieutenants will come to the rescue.

We built the Research Tree with that in mind – with the idea of giving players more 
freedom and multiple ways to make their empire better and more fine-tuned. Of course, 
if the Research Tree changes in any way, shape, or form in the future, I will update 
this guide with the new information!

I hope it was useful, and now you won’t get stuck in the Research Tree again! 
Good luck, Capos, and see you on the lands of Cartel Tycoon.

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