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 Cartoon Orbit Cheats

Cartoon Orbit

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by. RM

Result                             Code
10 points                        - z-builder
200 points                       - welcome
25 points                        - brand new day
25 points                        - plug-n-blox
250 points                       - turkey
50 points                        - matrix dragon
50 points                        - nice prize
50 points                        - gklahglkjk
Absolution Gtoon                 - b9u5b2b2l45e7s4
Absolution Gtoon                 - 6t3r62a9d82e5
Absolution Gtoon                 - d92e4e4d588e8e23
Absolution Gtoon                 - 9p38l7a73y5
Absolution Gtoon                 - 21b8a74t4t13l9e
Absolution Gtoon                 - 7m9209j1470
Animal Crossing: Blathers Ctoon  - blathers
Animal Crossing: Gracie Ctoon    - gracie
Animal Crossing: KK Slider Ctoon - kkslider
Animal Crossing: Rover Ctoon     - rover
Animal Crossing: Tom Nook Ctoon  - tomnook
Apple Jacks: Bad Apple           - bad apple
Apple Jacks: Cinna Mon           - cinna mon
Big Wig Ed                       - big wig
Bugs Laughin' Gtoon              - wabbit
Burger King: '03 Andriod 13      - android force
Burger King: '03 Blossom         - save the day
Burger King: '03 Trunks          - storm blast
Burger King: Gogeta              - super saiyan
Burger King: Green Lantern       - green lantern
Burger King: Hawkgirl            - hawkgirl
Burger King: Mystery Machine     - scary
Burger King: Superman            - superman
Cabin Fever: KND Merit Badge     - drenched
Cabin Fever: Lunchbox Badge      - sandwich
Cabin Fever: Rockin Badge        - wreckless
Cabin Fever: Swinging Badge      - radial
Camp Lazlo: Edward the Platypus  - tattletale
Camp Lazlo: Gretchen             - grouchious
Camp Lazlo: Merit Badge          - slinkman
Camp Lazlo: Nina Neckerly        - bunkmate
Camp Lazlo: Patsy Smiles         - chirpy
Camp Lazlo: Slinkman             - merit badge
Car DeeDee                       - gravity
CCF Kevin                        - spooky
CCF Tudrussel                    - police
Charizard                        - flamethrower
Cheering Power Puff Girls        - cheering
Guitar Yumi                      - guitar
Honcho Numbuh One                - honcho
Hunchback                        - hunchback
Jack The Astronaut               - 57p8021w4e6r
Jack The Astronaut               - 9p45l7a21y5
Jack The Astronaut               - d57e4e3d478e9e25
Jack The Astronaut               - 5c9a42r7d3s1
Jack the Astronaut Gtoon         - 87f47u21n9
Jamie cRing                      - jamie
Jet Screamer Gtoon               - symphony
Johnny Bravo                     - comb
Orbit Trading Card               - halloween
Orbit Trading Card               - jackpot
Orbit Trading Card               - mobot
Orbit Trading Card               - turkey
Orbit Trading Card               - scoobysnack(s)
Orbit Trading Card               - dribble
Orbit Trading Card               - five
Orbit Trading Card               - milkshake
Orbit Trading Card               - hot fudge
Orbit Trading Card               - blonde
Orbit Trading Card               - bedtime
Orbit Trading Card               - playground
Orbit Trading Card               - group
Two Snowmen                      - windchill
Tycoon Mac                       - tycoon
Verb Masked Dog                  - frisbee
Wonder Woman Statue Ctoon        - wonder woman

Baboon from I Am Weasel: 
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