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  Hints and Tips for: Casino Tycoon 
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 Casino Tycoon Cheats

Casino Tycoon

Submitted by: nightraider

Just go to the directory: 
Casino Tycoon\\Data\\Objects\\ and open Globals.ini 

Just look trough the text and find this: 

StartingCashEasy = 20000.0 // starting cash for 

novice level : 20000.0 

Change it to: 

StartingCashEasy = 9990000.0 // starting cash for 

novice level : 9990000.0 

(If you play Medium or Hard, they are right below easy.) 
You can also change the salaries, Price of land, Lots more!!

Submitted by: nightraider

Type catdaddy during game play to get an additional $10,000 or 
$1,000. Then, press [Plus] to increase your total money. 

Cheat  Codes:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup 
copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the 
"globals.ini" file in the "\casino tycoon\data\objects\" folder. 

Locate the following line: 
StartingCashEasy = 20000.0 // starting cash for novice level: 20000.0 

And change it to: 
StartingCashEasy = 9990000.0 // starting cash for novice level: 9990000.0 

Note: For the medium and hard difficulty setting, change the lines that 
follow that one. You can also edit the land prices, salaries and other 
game parameters.
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