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  Hints and Tips for: Catherine Classic 
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 Catherine Classic Cheats

Catherine Classic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Access Exclusive Content:
Written by GPT

A guide on how to access your fancy exclusive content after buying Catherine 
Classic within the two week release period that the content is available for!

-=How to Access=-
To receive your content, navigate to the EXTRAS folder within the Catherine 
folder in your games library:

Right click on Catherine Classic in your Steam Library and select "Properties".
On the "Local Files" tab, select "Browse Local Files". 
You'll see the EXTRAS folder there.

Let's see those avatars! Happy puzzling!

How To Unlock All Eight Endings:
As Vincent, you will need to make many hard choices to either marry your longtime 
girlfriend Katherine or move with life with the blonde girl named Catherine. this 
looks like an entangled love story but making the wrong move could lead you to 
your death.

Throughout the game, you will need to escape the monsters chasing you by moving 
and placing blocks to create a path and climbing up as far you can.

By your progression in the story, you will be able to unlock new scence, 
achievements and your decision in the game will give you one of the eight endings.

So in this guide, you will learn how to unlock all the eight endings easily.

-=How To Get All Eight Endings=-
Before you unlock each ending you need to know that endings depend on your Karma 
meter and the answer you provide in the final four question which comes in Stage 
9. below you can find what answer and karma you should have.

-=True Endings=-
**True Cheater’s Ending – Red Karma Meter**
Question 2 – No
Question 3 – Yes
Question 4 – Yes

**True Freedom Ending – Neutral Karma Meter**
Question 2 – No
Question 3 – No
Question 4 – Yes

**True Lover’s Ending: Blue Karma Meter**
Question 2 – Yes
Question 3 – No
Question 4 – I’m Ready

-=Good Endings=-
**Good Cheater’s Ending – Red Karma Meter**
Question 2 – Yes
Question 3 – Yes
Question 4 – Chaotic Excitement

**Good Freedom Ending – Red or Blue Karma Meter**
Question 2 – No
Question 3 – No
Question 4 – Yes

**Good Lover’s Ending: Blue Karma Meter**
Question 2 – Yes
Question 3 – Yes
Question 4 – I’m Ready

-=Bad Endings=
**Bad Cheater’s Ending – Blue Karma Meter**
Question 2 – No
Question 3 – No
Question 4 – Chaotic Excitment

**Bad Lover’s Ending – Red Karma Meter**
Question 2 – Yes
Question 3 – Yes
Question 4 – Peaceful Days

Make Catherine to Always Nudes:
Written by tsu.

This guide will make Catherine appear nude in all cut-scene & gameplay 
without installing other software.


* Go to Catherine installation folder. It should be something like:


* Go to directory Gooseberry\data\character. 
* And then do a backup of directory 03. 
* This is directory of Catherine models and Textures.

* Rename these files as back up
  c03_00.nif -> c03_00.nif.bak
  c03_01.nif -> c03_01.nif.bak
  c03_04.nif -> c03_04.nif.bak

* Copy "c03_03.nif" into those files above.
* You now will have "c03_00.nif", "c03_01.nif", "c03_04.nif" with 8,669 KB.
* Now, Catherine will always dressing nothing everywhere except the title screen.

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