Catz 4 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Catz 4 
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 Catz 4 Cheats

Catz 4

Submitted by: RM

Diamondz are extremely rare, and I will tell you how to get them.
You know the South Sea Island, right? And those little Gold Doubloon
things that at first, are invisible? Well, fill your inventory with
them, and after a while, one doubloon will turn into a Diamond.

It works with other things like skulls, coconuts and feathers but 
I've forgotten which one matches up with which jewel. Have fun 
discovering rare items!

Have Your Pet Look Like Polari:
First, adopt a Chihuahua. It must be a boy (It works better with blue
eyes, though I'm not sure if you can get them for boys.) Adopt it and 
call it Polari (You can even change the owner's name to Rosalina...) 
Go to the toy closet and get out the paint bucket. Change the colour 
to Black. Paint the chihuahua all over. 
Also, Polari is very wise, so when he's an adult, train him lots!! 
Have fun with your new pet!
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