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  Hints and Tips for: Command & Conquer - Yuri's Revenge 
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 Command & Conquer - Yuri's Revenge Cheats

Command & Conquer - Yuri's Revenge

Submitted by: PhoenixR,

When playing against a Yuri computer enemy and have a chronosphere, chronoshift
the slaveminer into the water when the slaves are close to its base or units 
(don't harm the slaves!!!). When the miner falls into the water, the slaves 
become white neutral units and the computer does not attack them, but they 
attack anything that near them. I've distroyed lots of Yuri bases like this.
The slaves kill slowly but the computer won't harm them (max accidentally run 
them over. Works great with version 1.00, but probably with the newer patches too.

Another tip:
Place bombs on enemy chronominers if you can at the rigth moment before shifting
back to the base (do this with a crazy Ivan of course). The miner returns to the
base and BOOM. To bomb hits and the refinery isdestroyed.

Submitted by: f16dude

When playing as yuri in a skirmish build 2 floating disks. Send the first one and
have it drain the enemy's power which will disable anti-air defences. Then send 
thesecond one and have it steal money from their ore refinery.

Submitted by: Oz2k

When doing the missions always build up your base and defences before attacking, 
on most missions Yuri's forces won't actually expand there base. Once you have 
enough resources build long range units, like the Apocalypse Tank or the Prism 
Tank which can destroy Yuri's annoying base defences before they can affect you.

50 brute's cheat:
Submitted by: jordan

Build 10-20 slave miner's (20 is the best) get the all on 1 ore patch build a 
mutata and use it on your slave's and you will have up to 150 slave's your slave's
will come back. 

Tactics when playing as Yuri:
Submitted by: XtremeGamer2000

-=Cash Increase=- 
...You need:
* A genetic mutator charged to full.
* Cloning Vats (optional but recommended).
* Meat Grinder.
* Lots a cash.

Crank out a huge army of Initiates and bunch them up in one location. Use the 
genetic mutator and turn them into brutes, send the New brutes into your meat grinder.

-=Double Devastation=-
...You need:
* A fully charged Psychic Dominator
* A fully charged genetic mutator
* Enemy base's location

Use the dominator in the center of where he has a few buildings bunched up, now 
immediately use the mutator at the same spot, You should now have destroyed most of 
his buildings and have an army of Brutes to take care of the remainder.

Submitted by: Mark

When playing as Yuri in a skirmish or multiplayer game, there's an easy way to win.
Firstly, make sure that your base is well protected so that you don't have to worry
about that later. Then make sure that you have enough money, and start building about
8 floating discs; keep them near your base. When the're all done, order them to attack
one of your opponent's powerplants; this will take out his power fo his air defense. 
When one of the discs is floating over one of the powerplants and draining the power,
then make the other discs attack the anti-air units of your opponent. When those are 
all eliminated, you will be free to destroy the base completely; probably without 
having lost one unit.

Submitted by: nightraider 

If a Squid tries to "sink" an Allied Robot Tank, its tentacles will change color and
it pops up without traveling. After the Robot Tank is destroyed, the squid changes 
back to normal.

Allied Battle Fortress Strategies:
If five chrono legionaires are put in a battle fortress it becomes the awesome 
Chronotank. Use snipers, Tanyas, or Navy Seals for infantry and Tesla troopers and
Gaurdian GIs for tanks or a combination of everything. Just don't use the Legionares
with other units because they will all target one unit but only the Legionaire will 

Triple Gattling Speed:
Get a gattling cannon and set it to attack ground, call it a number and leave it. 
When an aircraft comes press its number and click on the aircraft and it will fire
at triple the speed.(Works best on those Kirof Airships!!!) 

Lots-a-Brutes: (Yuri side only!) 
Get the genetic Mutator ready. Turn super Weapons on and start a game. Build about
5-10 slave miners and send them all to one ore patch. Once all slave's are in range
of the mutator click and all slaves turn into brutes. The slaves will be replaced 
and you could have 50 brutes!!(if u need cash, grind em!).

Easy Win:
First built cloning vats, than built a yuri prime(you'll get 2) then nuilt a flying
disk, attack with your flying disk power plant(it will drin its power), then with 
yuri prime caputere barracks or war factory, make some units to come out of the 
caputred building, and then finally use your second yuri prime to caputere the 
constuction yard.

Special Unit Cheat:
If you can build cloning vats, use them to make a second yuri prime, boris etc.
Simply build your cloning vats and then build your special unit.

Very Easy Win:
With Yuri's side build 7-10 flying disk, attack your opponents power plant with
1 flying disk use the rest to attack all the structures. With soviet simply build
7-10 apocalypse and make sure they get upgrated to elite. Then you simpy fully 
raid the opponents grade starting with power plants and construction yard.

Submitted by: jole

If u are playing for yuri magnetrons can lift enemy vehicles and drop them on 
walls, cliffs and water, they will instantly die.

submitted by: Potemkin

Want you to get a CHRONO IVAN?! Play with the ALLIED side (USA,France...) against
a SOVIET side (Libya,Iraq...).

1. Build a barracks and a Battle lab as fast as you can.
2. Train a spy.
3. Kill the enemy's dogs and discuise your spy!
4. When the enemy builds the Soviet battle lab send your spy in his lab QUICKLY 

You will get a Chrono Ivan if you did what I have written.
The Chrono Ivan will move like the Chrono Legionnaire, but will lay bombs into 
buildings like Tanya, Crazy Ivan. 
Make sure that you don't move him close to a prism tower or a tesla coil.

HINT: Move your Spy near Soviet base to come faster to battle lab.

BEST PARATROOPER DEFENSE (Works only with Yuri):
Submitted by:: Potemkin

1. Build barracks
2. Build psychic sensor
3. Train Yuri clone (800$)

This is very usefull when playing against America (or a side with captured Tech
Airports). When you see paratroopers falling from the sky, move Yuri clone on 
the shadow on ground (multiple dots). Make sure that you moved Yuri clone on 
place with most shadows. Make sure that you DON'T HAVE ANY OF YOUR INFANTRY 
and most of the troopers will explode in the air! The troopers that remain will
capture Yuri clone ;-)

NOTE: You can do the same thing with Yuri prime (1500$)

Submitted by:Devastation Master

Siege On Yuri Base:
...You need:
1. Build 30 or more Siege Choppers
2. Build 30 or more Terror Drones
3. Build 10 or more Flak Tracks


First move all Siege Choppers into the area where is safety near Yuri base and
deploy all Siege Choppers at out of range of all Yuri base defenses try to move
Terror Drones and Flak Tracks behind Siege Choppers then move Siege Chopper one
by one try to move close front of Siege Choppers line(wait for clear then move)
then move close to Yuri base as slowly but excellent guarding if you see Floating
Disk use Flak Tracks shoot them down if you see Menetron use Terror Drones to 
destroy it and use Siege Choppers to destroy other unit but you may use Terror 
Drone to support your Siege Chopper against Master Mind but you must create new 
unit to replace all destroyed unit as quickly as possible. (I think it like Allied's
Prism Tank assault but I do it in Soviet version) Remember destroy every enemy unit
who move close first then move.

NOTE: Watch for Chaos Drones they can disrupt your siege line. 

Super Mastermind Fghter:
Submitted by: MartexGT

This trick alows you to control 5 units with one tank.
To do it you must be in Yuri's side only. Train Yuri Prime or Engineer to capture
Allied CON. Yard, then build barraks, war factory, battle lab and a battle fortres.
Then train five Yuri Clones and send them into Battle fortres, now you have a super
mastermind fighter. Enjoy!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Jaaziel Charisma:

You can create an supermind which can easily dominate the mastermind. Play as Yuri.
Mind control a Battlefortress. Now send in 5 Yuri clone and move it to yr enemies 
base. It can trample other tanks and can fire on your enemies and can also mind 
control 5 uniots and unlike the mastermind it can remain with full life. any one
who reads this pls send me an e mail with a comment on this. Thank u.

Submitted by: gamesurfer

Play Yuri and take a Magnetron to your enemy's base. Find a tank or any other 
vehicle and position yourself so there is a building between your Magnetron and
the vehicle. Pull the vehicle towards you. When it is directly above the building,
move the magnetron so the vehicle drops on the building. 
The Vehile will be destroyed and the building will suffer damage as well.

Complete all allied missions:
Submitted by: chriss

To complete all allied missions in yuri's revenge just build ore refinery barracks 
some pillboxes(3-4)then the war factory then the battle lab, build 3 miners and 
10-15 laser tanks and destroy yuri's base, because yuri's defenses are weak against
the laser, don't put them to close to the defenses, from far aim at them.
If you want to know something just send me an email on 

Submitted by: tomislav(a)

When you play at Soviet side build 3 rhinos, 1 V3 launcher, 10 constripts, 2 
teslas,1 apocalypse and Boris. Rhinos destroy weaker defences, V3 destroy stronger
defences(prism tower) constripts kill infantry, tesla troopers protect constripts,
apocalypse eliminates enemy tanks(fully loaded battle fortress) and boris destroy 
AA guns and base structures. And if you want to, bring enginners and capture 
enemy building to have new tech, and than combine them(IFV and TESLA TROOPER ETC).

Here is a very easy tip:
Submitted by: tomislav(a)

When you play as an American you can paratroop many troops near your base and 
than build few tanks, and a NAVY SEAL and voila, the GI's will kill troops, 
tanks destroy other tanks and defences and SEAL or Tanya destroy power plants 
and if you want to, use Harriers to destroy the entire base, GOOD LUCK!

Submitted by: TR1STAN

You have to be soviet to do a power plant 2 attack dogs and a normal
tank then attack the power plant with your tank and then finish it off with your

Defeat Yuri quickly:
On the last Allied mission, build the Soviet Radar and Chrono in an Allied MCV. 
Once the MCV is Chronoed in, destroy it with the Prism tank and Grizzly tank and 
move the remaining forces to the left side of the screen. Repeat this until a 
sufficient force is built up and attack Yuri's bases. All of the tanks will be 
free. To make it easier, build a Nuke Silo and destroy the Psychic Dominator and 
Genetic Mutator. Alternately, use the nuke three times to destroy the Psychic 
Dominator and use six Kirov Airships to destroy the Genetic Mutator.

Base destruction with Chrono Commandos: 
This trick only works with the Allies. First, buy some Spies when possible. Camouflage 
them as an enemy unit. Send in the Spy and try to infiltrate a Battle Lab. You now have 
a Crono Commando unit. Buy that unit and send it to a base. The Crono Commando is just 
like a Chrono Legionnaire mixed with a Navy Seal. Use the Crono Commando's detonation 
packs (C4) to destroy every building. Because the Crono Commando has a machine gun and 
a Crono Pack, it can teleport, destroy, and teleport to the next.

Submitted by: jack

Get some tanks and do force attack on your own power plant and your power will go up

Psychic immune units:
Get control of the Psychic Dominator. The best way to do this is to set random crates 
on, so that random powered up crates appear on the map. If you are lucky, you will 
get a Yuri MCV. Build Yuri's super weapon, called the Psychic Dominator. When it is 
fully charged, get the units you want to be Psychic immune and hit them with the 
Dominator. Do this far from your base, since the Dominator also destroys nearby 
buildings. These units are now Psychic immune because they will act as if they are 
already mind controlled. Yuri and his army cannot control them. The only downside 
is that the new Psychic immune units cannot be put into Transports, Battle Fortresses,
IFVs, Flack Tracks, and Nighthawks.

Superpowered Tesla Coil:
First, build a Tesla Coil, then build three to six Tesla Troopers. Move the Tesla 
Troopers close to the coil and they will zap it with their Tesla weapon. Doing this 
with three or more troopers increases the coil's range and power enough to destroy 
most units in one hit or so. Five of these super coils placed at the entrance of the 
base can stop nearly all small to medium assaults. This also keeps the coil online 
even if the power goes out. This trick also works with the Tesla Reactor and will 
bring your power level up by a few points, which is useful when building super 

Build units promoted or build secret units:
In multi- player mode, have an ally, then build three Engineers and three Spies. Get 
a tank or something to damage your ally's War Factory, Battle Lab, or Barracks just 
enough so an Engineer can be sent in to repair it. Move your three Engineers and three 
Spies next to the building you want to spy, for example, an allied Battle Lab. Then, 
select your six men and click on "Waypoints" Click the men to walk right next to the 
Battle Lab (not inside yet), then click on the Battle Lab. Your Engineers and Spies 
should now go inside. The "New Technology Acquired" message should appear, and you 
can now build a Chrono-Commando. This can also be done to War Factories and Barracks.
Note: Sometimes it may work with only one Engineer and one Spy.

Mind control your own units:
When playing as Yuri, build the Psychic Dominator. Wait until the timer runs down to 
zero (0:00). Get a few of your units gathered in an area. Take the units away from 
your base or you will destroy your buildings. When the Psychic Dominator is ready 
to be activated, use it on your units. Your units should now have a little brainwave 
above them, letting you know they are being mind controlled. Your units will not 
change to the bad enemy, but they are just being mind controlled for no reason. 
Also, they do not self control themselves like civilians.

Keep Construction Yard:
In skirmish or multi-player mode, when you need a base and have a Yuri Prime, capture 
the Construction Yard, then click on it. After that, click anywhere on the map in the 
area. The vehicle is now permanently yours.

Cheap bomb:
Play as Yuri and capture a Soviet base. Then, build a Crazy Ivan. Build a Flak Track 
and five Conscripts. Have Ivan set a bomb on one, then make it go into the truck. Do 
this for all five conscripts. To detonate, first make the hit points reach zero. Then,
deploy the Flak Track. Do not put the Ivan in the truck. It will not make a small 
demolition truck. This trick also works with Amphibious Transports, but with a bigger 

Destroy enemy Construction Yard:
First, you need to have two allies, one Allied and one Soviet. After building a Cloning 
Vat, build a Yuri Prime. With the Cloning Vat you will get two of them. Send each of 
your Yuri Primes to both of your allies' Construction Yard. After building a Psychic 
Dominator, Nuclear Silo, and Weather Storm, wait until they are all ready. When they 
are, and you know where your enemy's construction yard is located, launch all of them
one after another as quick as possible. This will cripple your enemy's base.

Easy money:
In a skirmish game, build everything desired and needed in order to generate at least
two UFO units. Find an enemy base and use one UFO to power down the base while the other
covers the first. Once the ground is clear of any offensive or defensive threat (such as
Flak Troopers, Guardian GIs, Patriot Missiles, etc.), send the remaining UFO unit to the
enemy's Oil Refinery. The siphon on the UFO will transfer a small amount of money from 
the enemy refinery to your bank (at a rate of about $20 per second). If you keep continue
to do this, you will eventually win; not to mention fund anything else you would end up 
building. This is an especially good tactic to use against multiple enemies.

Killing War Miners:
This trick requires you to be any Soviet country. Tech to Flak Tracks and Terror Drones.
Load the Drones up in your Flak Track. Each Track can hold up to two Drones. Search for
an enemy War Miner. Note: This does not work as well against Chrono Miners because they
can just Chrono back to their base and be rid of your Drone. Get near the enemy Miner 
with your Flak Trak, then either let it get killed or unload your Trak. Your Terror 
Drones will automatically latch themselves to the enemy War Miner and begin to destroy
it from the inside. This trick is useful becaise War Miners can destroy your Terror 
Drones with one shot, so you would have to send about five of them at a single War Miner.
Note: If your enemy manages to send the War Miner to a repairing station before it is 
destroyed, it will destroy your Terror Drone.

Bomber Spies:
This trick requires you to have control of both the Allied and Soviet tech trees. Build 
some Spies and a Crazy Ivan. Have your Spies put on a disguise of the enemy you are 
attacking as soon as they can. When you are relatively close to your enemy's base, strap
bombs onto your Spies using your Ivan, then send your Spies to the building(s) you wish 
to destroy. The enemy will not automatically attack your Spies because they believe it 
is one of their own units. Your Spy is free to go wherever desired, unless your enemy has
Attack Dogs. Once your Spy reaches the desired location, let the bomb explode. This will 
cause moderate damage to anything near it. Several Spies may be required to destroy 
bigger buildings, but usually one or two will destroy something like a Prism Tower, a 
Tesla Coil, a Sentry Gun, a Pillbox, and a Gatling Gun.Note: This does not work well 
against a Yuri opponent, because they usually have Psychic Towers all over their base 
which automatically mind controls a Spy, disguised or not. Also, this trick has reduced
effectiveness against human opponents because anyone paying attention will figure out 
that your Spy is obviously not one of their own units, though if the Spy is killed, the
bomb will still detonate.

Unlimited units with Mastermind:
Submitted by: George Lee

This will only work when you are having the allies war factory, yuri's war factory and
the battle lab of yuri. 
* First of all, train three to ten engineers, build the same amount of IFV, send all 
  the engineers into the IFVs.
* Next, build one mastermind, you can now psychic any amount units you want using this
  unit with all the Engineering IFVs surrounding it.

Nighthawk landing on water:
Select a skirmish level with water as the Allies. Build a Chronosphere and land your 
Nighthawk chopper on some land that is away, so that other units cannot accidentally 
be transported along with it. When your Chronosphere is done, select the Nighthawk 
and choose an area of water to put it on. Next, transport the Nighthawk onto it. If 
you have units in the nighthawk, it will not deploy them. If there are any ships in 
the water, they can destroy your Nighthawk if you cannot get it to take off fast 

France mission:
After your base is well built, defended well, and you have a lot of money, build a new
MCV. Then, build two tanks with it. When the units are finished, order the tanks to 
escort the MCV. Then, start building a Grand Cannon. Send the MCV to the enemy base,
but out far enough so that it cannot get damaged. When it arrives, move the tanks away
and deploy the MCV. By now, the Grand Cannon should be finished. Deploy it by your new
Construction Yard. Then, target any structures as desired. Make sure you build pillboxes
for close range defense. If you need more range to put other Grand Cannons, build Barracks
since they are the cheapest. Then, place the new Grand Cannon further out.
You can do this repeatedly for other bases -- just sell the Grand Cannon(s).

Cheaper Cosmonauts:
* In the Soviet mission where you are on the moon, the Cosmonauts cost $600. Use the 
  following trick to get cheaper Cosmonauts. Build a lot of Barracks and sell a few. 
  The barracks cost $500 and give you a cosmonaut, saving you $100. If you need a few
  others, building a lot of Barracks will increase the rate at which they are trained. 
  You have plenty of money for this mission -- build many Cosmonauts and attack the bases.
  The Psychic Towers and Masterminds cannot affect them since they are an air unit. 

* Build a War Factory and sell it. You should get four Cosmonauts, which will save $400 
  dollars. However, you will get money from selling the War Factory for a savings of $1400.
  Make sure to have a primary War Factory before doing this.

Submitted by: Eucalypsetank

Mutate soldiers in enemy base, where some rhino tanks are. Brutes will want to destory 
rhino tanks but order them to structures. They also again attack at rhinos. Order at 
structures again. One of the brutes may will stuck on a rhino tank. The brute is not 
useable any more.

Traitor allies:
Submitted by: Eucalypsetank

Make sure you have not selected "Short game" option. And you must select "Super weapons"
option. Play the skirmish game as soviets. Destroy all enemy structures. Fortress walls 
does not effect. Now your allies will bomb your base with nuclear missiles, if they have

Contents of crates:
Submitted by: Eucalypsetank

Have you never know what all the bonus crates will content? Here is some:

Promotion     : Unit that picked the crate will get promoted.
Speed upgrade : All your units and built units will get more speed.
Armor upgrade : All your units and built units will get better armour.
Clear map     : All unrevealed terrains will be seen.
Cash bonus    : You will get an random amount more cash.
Vehicle bonus : After picking, a random vehicle appears to your use.
Health fill   : Unit that picked the crate will get healed to full.

Stuck squid:
Submitted by: Eucalypsetank

Set chronosphere on a squid, when it attacks at robot tank, Teleport them to land and
squid will stuck to there after destroying the tank.

Civilian structure diplomacy:
Submitted by: Battle stations

Go to skirmish mode, select game type as "battle" and select a level named "Manhattan Mayhem"

This level contains a lot of civilian structures and some of them can be captured to players

Statue Of Liberty : The huge statue that was seen on Red Alert 2
Location : Southwest near to an small island that contains Jewels and an Oil Derrick

Tech Lab : This lab gives you ability to build and use a random unit that your chosen team 
           cant use.
Location : Northwest in edge of the map

#1 Oil derrick : An another way to get money, it collects some oil all the time 
#2 Two oil derricks 
Location : #1 Southwest on small island next to Jewellery Field. #2 Close to middle of the 

Airport : Gives the ability to produce free paradrops every few minute
Location : Southwest to the middle of the map a bit Near to #2 Oil Derricks

Machine shop : Repairs your vehicles free and anywhere
Location : Southwest to a lower bridge near a player startpoint

Hospital : Heals your infantry free and anywhere
Location : Northeast to a player startpoint in southwest

"attack anything" button:
Submitted by: coolbolt

After selecting your units, hold CTRL. This will change the cursor to attack. This only
applied to military units or buildings(does not work on MCV or Chrono miners) If you have
yuri prime... well, just do the rest to your allies.

Amazing tactic!:
Submitted by: richie mcrichardson

Start as france. Build 3 chrono miners and as many ivfs as soon as possible. build aircraft 
thing and battle lab. build 3 grand cannons around your base. Build a service depot. 
Now comes the fun stuff. First keep a grand cannon ready. Build a MCV and move it near the 
opponents base so that it isnt being hit You might want to take some mirage tanks or ivfs 
with it. Deploy it. Put that grand cannon next to your MCV. Attack all buildings and units
with grand cannon (build another cannon it you can). Once you do that, move a little closer
and build more grand cannons. Keep doing til you wipe out their base.

Note: If opponent is sending a lot of units and tanks to kill you, build some prism towers 
as well.

Battle Fortress strategies:
Submitted by: Kevin Vong

If you are allied get a battle fortress put 2 rocket soldiers 1 Tanya 1 Chronolegendaire 1 
seal send them into the battle fortress and attack a building the chronolegendaire will 
handle it the others like Tanya and seal Will kill any infantry the rocket soldiers will
attack the buildings and tanks making a lot of damage if you see a battle bunker let your
rocket soldiers attack if they tried to use air attackers your rocket soldiers attack this
is the ultimate attack and defensive battle fortress your rocket soldier will be your 
primary weapon.

Soviet third mission:
Before you start the 3nd mission in the Soviet campaign, go to skirmish and disable super 
weapons. When you're in the mission, order Boris and some tesla troopers(build some) to 
destroy the psy beacon(use tesla troopers to protect Boris from gattling tanks because 
there will be too many of them and use Boris to destroy the defences and then then beacon).
After that, Yuri will build a Psy Dominator but it will not activate because you disabled 
super weapons! then you get Tanya and Boris with some tanks and soldiers to destroy the base!

Allied mission 7- Brain Dead:
Submitted by: Ferb Fletcher

1.At the start, go to the skirmish and turn on super weapons. Then go to Allied Mission 
7-Brain Dead. At the time you capture the Soviet Con yard and build the Soviet Radar. 
Build 5-8 Flak Tracks and place them on the southwest cliff of the island where few jewels 
are there. When your Allied MCV is on Antarctica. Guard the MCV using the tanks. Build your 
Allied Buildings on your Soviet Base. Then build an Allied MCV Repacks and deploy it. 
Sell your Allied Con Yard which is on the Antarctic 

Note:Don't Build anything on Antarctica

Build all of your super weapons(Weather Machine, Nuke Missile, Chronosphere and Iron Curtain)
2.Then build the ff.

16 IFV
16 Tesla Trooper
4 Amphibious Transport
Full charged super weapons

3.Put each Tesla Trooper in each IFV, then put each 4 IFV's in each Amphibious Transport. 
Put them in 1 place and chrono them on a place in the east of antarctic 
where it is near in the Psychic Denominator. At that Moment, attack the Psychic denominator 
with the Nuke Missile and the Weather Machine. Deploy the transporters and put the IFV's on 
an Iron Curtain to avoid being mind controlled.
Note: Put the IFV's together first before putting them in an Iron Curtain.

4.Destroy the Psychic Denominator.
5.Repeat step 2 and 3 to destroy Yuri's remaining forces

Note: Use the Weather Machine and the Nuke Missile to destroy Bio Reactors to stop being 
mind controlled. Have fun. 

Submitted by: General Psychic

If you are the Soviets, build many bunkers. And then build Flak Trucks. If you are done, 
train Conscripts which is suitable for your bunkers. Build walls. And then place the Flak 
Trucks so that it will not be vulnerable on enemy infantry (especially on Seals, Agents, 
Crazy Ivans, Terrorists and Demolition Trucks. If your enemy is the forces of Yuri, put some 
Sentry guns so if there is a Yuri clone or a Yuri prime, they shall be dead before he 
mind-controlled your air defenses. Also use Flak Cannons beside the Flak Trucks. Put walls 
AROUND YOUR BASE because they might sneak you and destroy your base. I prefer when you 
capture an civilian structure, put defenses on it. Put Barracks, Ore Refinery if there has 
tons of gold, and of course, bunkers, sentry guns and flak cannons also the flak trucks 
especially the wall surrounding.

Three side tech and are not in any mode just normal mode:
Submitted by: Firefly

Select any skirmish Play as Yuri build 20 UFOs 5 engineers (make sure allied and soviet base 
are close to you) move all 20 UFOs over any drain-able building (including defend building) and 
station them there then send engineer to their MCV and capture it (must have MCV repackable) move 
MCV to your base once it's safe move your UFOs to another base and drain their building and send 
your engineer to capture their MCV and move them to your base it a perfect strategy because it 
gives you money and 6 super weapon! (best played as 8 players and every player for them selves)

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