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  Hints and Tips for: Command & Conquer - Firestorm 
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 Command & Conquer - Firestorm Cheats

Command & Conquer - Firestorm

When playing as the NOD, always have a subterranean 
APC filled with engineers ready to attack.

The Juggernaut's armor is extremely weak, so always 
reinforce it with MLR 5 Hover Tanks, which will offer 
air defenses.

The Deployable Sensor Arrays will detect Limpet Drones, 
which will prevent the enemy from sneaking them into 
your base.

Cyborg Reaper:
Build a Cyborg Reaper and send it to the enemy's base. 
Walk on Tiberium and stay there. The enemy will shoot 
at it, but the Tiberium will heal it quickly.

Drop Pods:
When fighting the GDI you may hear machine guns firing. 
This is normal because those sounds were just Drop Pods. 
The Drop Pods have people in them that have gold stars 
(which indicates that they are very good).

Disruptor tank:
This is an easy way to get Elite Disruptor Tanks. 
First, build a few Disruptor Tanks. Then locate a 
Nod Cyborg Reaper and let all your disruptors fire 
at once. The Reaper won't stand a chance and all your 
Disruptor Tanks gain Elite status.

Unlimited Firestorm:
Precise timing is required for this trick. Build a Firestorm 
generator. When it is ready, click to activate it, and blow 
it up as soon as it becomes activated. This works best if you 
have a Ghost Stalker. Have the Ghost Stalker place C4 on the 
generator, then when it flashes, quickly turn it on and it will 
automatically explode. The game will be fooled into thinking 
that you still have the generator. You can turn it off by 
building another generator and re-clicking on the Firestorm 

Build anywhere:
During game play, enter the options menu and select 
"Interface". Set North to "8", East to "6", West to "4", 
and South to "4" on the keypad. Resume the game and construct 
something. Take the building, and when you get an all white 
outline, click and hold down the mouse as if you want to place 
it down, but do not release the mouse button. Move the cursor 
over the build panel (far right) and using the number 
keys 2, 4, 6, 8, move to where you want to place your building. 
Then, release the mouse button and deploy your building under 
the menu panel. This may take a few tries but is does work.

Laser Fence Snap:
This is actually the NOD version of the Firestorm Defense. 
When an enemy approaches the fence, turn off a section of 
fencing for him to pass over. As soon as the opponent's unit 
is on the fence, re-activate it and you will have a one-hit 
kill. This works the best when your fence is stealthed and 
you are playing against a human opponent through a modem or 

Easy money:
Build an EMP cannon and order some Rocket Infantry to attack 
the ground on it. Sell it while it is being repaired and shot, 
and you will get your money, an infantry, and your power - plus 
you keep the cannon and it repairs for free. You can repeat this 
as many times as needed because the cannon will rebuild itself 
to be sold after its next use.

Submitted by: Mr.X

Well, if u'r GDI, Build a firestorm gen. wait for it to charge ten let it rip 
(works on my pc), Emmidiatly sell power-plants until your power's out and your 
firestorm gen. has got infinite firestorm (may cause your base to go whizzing 
bad but if u build p'p's ur firestorm will go and hav to charge)


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