Command & Conquer - Gold Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Command & Conquer - Gold 
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 Command & Conquer - Gold Cheats

Command & Conquer - Gold

Money Hack:
By Ailae Vyrai (Inai Rossi

This hack will allow you to set how much money you have and it will auto-refresh 4 times a second, 
so that even if you spend money, it instantly refills to whatever amount you set. For this to work, 
you will need a memory editor, such as Win32 Game Wizard, available for download at

Here's how to use it (I'll use Win32 Game Wizard in my tutorial)

1)Install Win32 Game Wizard and start it.
2)Start the game you wish to hack (in this case, C&C 95).
3)Alt+Tab to Win32 Game Wizard and click OPEN PROCESS and select C&C 95 from the list 
  (Drive letter:\Westwood\C&C95\C&C95.exe) and press OKAY, this attaches the editor to the game.
4)Click ADD NEW ENTRY and put 09F10106 into the ADDRESS parameter.
5)Enter the amount of Money you want into the Value box.
6)IMPORTANT! Give the hack a name in the Description, you cannot enable or delete the hack without a 
7)Hit OK and then press SAVE PATCH so you can use it later.
8)Select the hack by clicking it's Description and then click EnabLe.
9)Alt+Tab back to the game and enjoy unlimited cash! =D

For Command and Conquer Gold there is a cheat code that you 
can build 2 refineries for 1000 credits or it applys with 
any other building or unit. You start the building and then 
press r to surrender. wait about 1 min then hit cancel. 
Then (if building)place the building, then start another 
building and do the same by hitting r. Then hit cancel 
(after 1 min) then it ought to be done! This code has been 
tried several times.

How to get a commando in normal missions. Hold down 
shift and click on the minniguner, you get the commando 
for a minniguners price.
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