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  Hints and Tips for: Celeste 
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 Celeste Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat Mode can be unlocked during the game's Prologue. There is a secret screen to 
the left of where you begin the area, containing Madeline's car and some street lamps.
On this screen, you must enter a special button combination.

The cheat code consists of the following actions:
Left, Right, Journal, Climb, Up, Up, Down, Left, Climb, Confirm

For a keyboard with default controls, this would translate to:
Left, Right, Tab, Z, Up, Up, Down, Left, Z, C

On an Xbox controller with default controls, this would translate to:
Left, Right, LT, RT, Up, Up, Down, Left, RT, A

If it worked, you should hear a sound effect, be taken back to the chapter select menu.

Assist Mode:
Assist Mode is available on every platform. You can turn it on when you load 
an existing save file, or start a new game. If itís turned on it allows you 
to adjust the Assist Mode settings on the pause screen (including game speed, 
dash number, etc)

How to Reach Wow Achievement (Chapter 9):
Written by Rurune

Quick walkthrough for finding the secret in Chapter 9. Obvious spoilers.
Find the Wow

The Farewell DLC for Celeste added a new brutally difficult chapter, as well as a 
secret within. Those who viewed the achievement list might've seen an additional 
hidden achievement added:

-=Wow - Find the moon berry=-
You can find it in assist mode, but the fun is in the challenge! Other than it 
being safe to assume it's located in Chapter 9, there isn't much in the way of 
clues. This guide details how to find the berry, but before revealing it all, 
here are a few hints in increasingly revealing order:

* It isn't the golden strawberry (yes, there is one for this chapter, good luck).
* Pay attention to your surroundings.
* It's in probably your most dreaded location.
* You're expected to die at least once.

Here's a more comprehensive version. For starters, you're expected to know about:

* Everything taught to you in the entire game including this chapter.
* How to gain height diagonally using the jellyfish glider. When holding onto the 
  glider, release it, dash diagonally upwards, then grab it again.
* How to gain additional vertical height using the jellyfish glider. This only works 
  when throwing the glider against the wall or a spring, such that it bounces back 
  for you to dash upwards and grab it again. This gives you an additional vertical

Now, the start of the secret is located at the end of the very last room i.e. the 
longest room in the game. This means you'll have to do the entire room if you want 
a shot at the secret, though fortunately you can reach it directly from the 
checkpoint select.

After disabling the electrical fields, dash immediately back left onto a floating 
pillar, then make your way up. This is fairly long gauntlet to the top, and you will
 need to do a few wavedashes and wallbounces on the way. Some floating pillars 
descend from your weight - if you can't make the next jump then jump and dash 
upwards in place so that the pillar rises again. The area with the puffer fish is 
one notable chokepoint - you need to be blasted to the right far enough so that 
you can reach a platform. If you miss it though, you can hold left for most of 
the way down and you should land back on an earlier part of the gauntlet. Even 
more mercifully is that unlike the rest of this room the developers were kind 
enough to add a checkpoint after a section with the jellyfish glider, so if you 
mess up after that you won't need to do the entire room again. (Do comment if 
there are any checkpoints earlier than that.)

Once you reach the top, you're greeted with two rooms linked together, and a 
disconnected passage. There doesn't appear to be any way to reach that passage 
naturally, but if you make contact with the spikes on the right of the lower 
room you'll respawn inside that passage. Go through, and you'll be presented 
with the second half of the gauntlet.

The second half tests your ability to use the jellyfish glider, which is why 
knowing about points 2 and 3 above is necessary. To start your ascent, grab the 
glider and throw it against the rail walls, such that it bounces back so you 
can grab it again. Alternatively, walljump off the rails and do a diagonal glider 
dash to the next rail. The second part has you doing mostly diagonal glider 
dashes - you're able to skip a few springs and walls if you're feeling adventurous.

A vertical glider jump will take you to the next section with crumbling platforms. 
For the spring at the end you're expected to throw the glider onto the later set 
of springs, then dash up and grab it again. The sweet spot to throw it is 
approximately where the floating wall is. The section following that consists of 
more diagonal glider dashes; a straightforward test of skill.

Contrary to what the binoculars at the bottom might suggest, there is a final 
section above this with two main obstacles. If you want to plan ahead then 
you're able to stay suspended in one place due to the updraft, otherwise get 
ready. Firstly, make your way to the left, throw the glider right so it unlocks 
the key, then dash your way around and grab it on your way up.

The last obstacle is annoyingly precise to setup, and may be the cause of a lot 
of frustration. Make your way to the left path, try and almost hug the left wall 
(not too far or the recoil from throwing will kill you), then throw the glider 
at the very top. If you did it correctly, the glider will hit the set of springs 
on the right and bounce back. Quickly dash around through the middle path and 
grab the glider again, preferably with an upward dash. Hold the glider all the 
way to the end and you're done!

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