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  Hints and Tips for: Chair Simulator 
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 Chair Simulator Cheats

Chair Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Best Chairs to get coins and level up quick:
Written by By Darkin20

Quick way to get lots of coins in this game so you can get better 
chairs and then more coins.

-=Chairs to buy=- 
Pretty straightforward. 
Collect ‘coins’ and ‘experience’ by sitting yer keister on a chair and 
then standing up when it starts getting uncomfortable. 
* Get about 200 ‘coins’ and go by the piano stool. 
* Get about 800 ‘coins’ and go buy the barber chair. 
* Get about 1250 ‘coins’ and go buy the toilet. 
* Then just collect until you can buy all the chairs. 

-=Tips for getting coins better=-
* Get yourself a programmable keyboard and set it to repeat the following. 
* Tap 'e' then wait 1.8 seconds 
* Then tap 'e' again and wait x more seconds. 
* x depends on how long you comfortably sit on a chair. 
* The first chair is 25 seconds 
* The barber chair is only like 6.5 seconds 
* The toilet is 150 seconds 
Set that up and leave your computer for a little while and watch 
the 'coins' roll in.

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