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  Hints and Tips for: CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience 
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 CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience Cheats

CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by nosta3824382

-=Tips for New Players=-
On the first day keep begging and collect scrape. You can find item in trash only 
near water source for maintain hygiene. But don't eat anything from trash. If you 
want to eat anything from trash. Use pill or vitamin. Sleep in open to get the dog.

The best item you should find is eye glasses. This item increase learning and 
happiness when reading the book light novel or reading at library. The next best 
thing is text book and light novel. Try to use reading as your main source of 
happiness since is cheapest and it also add literacy that you need for job. Bus 
pass and cheap winter equipment is also good. Buy the one you can see at shop.

Keep apply every job even success rate is 0 % to train perk. Take and working in 
all jobs you can get. You should work in the morning then quit and apply for higher 
job in the same day. This way you get money without losing your opportunity foe 
higher job.

In summer collect money and food. Then in winter use library to avoid coldness. 
Use library for 1-2 hour. Then quit to use worm time for begging people nearby. 
Then re enter the library and repeating the same thing. Go back to your shelter 
before curfew.

In summer sleep near curfew. Using time to begging as much money as possible 
working job near dead line. But in winter without winter equipment try to sleep 
early and working your job early to avoid coldness. Also avoid raining.

For people who don't mind cheese you can quit and reload at the beginning of the 
day if you make gravely mistake.

You can stop the clock but not the time when you click at bus stop. The clock 
stop but NPC still moving. Your hunger happiness and hygiene still drop. Stop 
the clock waiting for the NPC to come close to beg them. This way you can beg 
for more people. Avoid using this tactic in winter or rainy day without winter 
equipment. Since your happiness drop fast in coldness so it can be pain more than 

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