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  Hints and Tips for: Chernobylite 
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 Chernobylite Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

All Spots for All Clues of the Board:
Written by TimTolle

In this guide you can find all spots for all clues of the board.

-=Explanation of the Boards=-

There are two boards: Igors board in his room with four available (sub)boards 
and the Heist board.

-=Igors Boards=-
To solve a board you have to find all facts. 
The facts are automatically revealed after finding one or more clues.

-=Heist Board=-
The are several quest where you can get the information for the Heist board. 
Every companion also appears on the board. 
If one companion is lost, he disappears from the board.

I don't know yet if all information and all companions are needed to start 
the Heist after early access.

This guide does not only contain the spots of the clues. It may contain spoilers 
about your decisions in the game, too. You should stop reading if you want to 
discover this on your own.

-=Web Of Lies=-
* Pripyat Central. Cultural Palace Energetik. First floor in the north.
* Quest Hermit (from Mikhail). Found in the hospital as part of the quest.
* Red forest. In the train.
* Quest An old friend (from Mikhail). Found in the kindergarten as part of the quest.
* Quest Big Fish (from Mikhail). Found in Kopaci as part of the quest.
* Quest Excuses (from Semonov). Found in the tent as part of the quest.

-=Black Stalker=-
* Pripyat Central. Hotel Polissya. First floor, near the elevator.
* Quest Truth about NAR (from Olga). Download all data at the end of the quest.
* Quest A few things from an old hideout (from Tarakan or Sashko). Tarakans Report. 
  Found as part of the quest.
* Jail. Black Stalker Report in Igor's cell.
* Pripyat Central. Tactical Report in the northern tent.

-=The Conspiracy=-
* Old Documents (from Olivier). Found in the building where the two soldiers are 
  talking. Part of the quest. (Maybe this clue is always there.)
* Moskow Eye. In the factory building. 1st floor. You nee a lock pick.
* Quest A Memento from the Past (from Tarakan). Found as part of the quest.
* Quest Hacking into NAR Servers (from MIkhail) . Found as part of the quest. 
  You have to search the data about Tatyana.
* Kopaci. The clue is placed in one of the southern small buildings.
* Quest Meeting with Tarakan (from Tarakan^^). Found as part of the quest. 
  You must not burn the documents.
* Pripyat Port. In an appartment near the hospital, the same building where 
  you find Tarakan.

-=Woman in Red Dress=-
* Quest Black Stalker (from Olga). Found as part of the quest.
* Jail. 1st level of prison cells in on of the guard rooms.
* Not found yet (shame on me).
* Quest Hard Truth (from Kozlov). The clue is a photo in the bunker.

-=Heist Board=-
* Quest Checkpoint Assault (from Sashko).
* Quest A few Thing from an old Hideout (from Tarakan or Sashko).
* Quest Power Plant Plans (from Semonov).
* Quest Kidnapping Kozlov. You have to kidnap him.
* Quest Hardware for a real man.
* Mikhail.
* Sashko.
* Olivier.
* Olga.
* Tarakan.

Managing Your Chernobylite Base and Running Missions:
At first, you're not going to have much in the way of materials. You should have just 
enough for the very basics — namely, a Workbench and a Sleeping Area. If you crafted 
extra healing items during the tutorial, you might not have enough Mushrooms to build
a bed. Don't worry about it — you can fix it after completing your first mission.

Aside from crafting items, you have five stats to manage for your base:

Comfort of a life in base – How comfortable your base is.
Power excess – How much Power you have.
Air Quality – How clean the air is.
Radiation Security – How irradiated (or not) the base is, and what kind of 
protection you have against radiation.
Sleeping Place – The number of bunks you have for your companions.

If Power is in the red, your base's workstations won't work. As for the rest of the 
stats, having any of them in the red will be bad for you and your companions. For 
example, not having enough Sleeping Places means that one of your companions will 
have to sleep on the floor and that's going to negatively affect them. 

Ultimately, your job is to keep everything in the green while also progressing along 
the tech tree and collecting materials.
You'll also have an option in the "Gardening" section to build Herbs and Mushrooms plots. 
These will give you 0.5 of each respective resource every day. It's best to put down one
or two as early as possible to maximize their return.

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