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  Hints and Tips for: Chivalry 2 
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 Chivalry 2 Cheats

Chivalry 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Stay on the Move:
Remain nimble during combat encounters by dodging towards the appropriate directions. 
Horizontal slashes can easily be avoided by stepping backward, then closing the gap 
during the opponentís recovery phase. Players also have the ability to crouch but 
these are quite risky. They are not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. But, if you
manage to duck underneath a horizontal slash, watching the attack whiff past you is 
one of the more rewarding sensations in the game.

Experiment with Weapons:
Chivalry 2 has 3 different weapon types, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 
These are classified as cut, chop, and blunt weapons. For instance, swords, axes, and 
hammers respectively. Weapons like longswords will have further ranger as well as the 
ability to cleave through opponents. These will tend to be the faster weapons but their
major drawback is the lack of damage they do in comparison to chop and blunt weapons.

Blunt weapons, like the battleax, are shorter and slower than cut weapons. But, they 
more than make up for this with their power bonus against armor and they also can 
cleave through opponents. Blunt weapons, like the hammer, are the slowest of the bunch
but will reward you by dealing the most damage.

As mentioned above, each weapon has its benefits and drawbacks. There is a wide variety 
of weapons so it is up to you to experiment and discover which best suits your playstyle.

Avoid Getting Surrounded:
Getting surrounded by enemies is the quickest way to lose a fight.

Regardless of whether youíre playing on the 64 or 40 player mode, itís easy to get 
surrounded. This is a quick death sentence if you canít get away. That doesnít mean 
you canít fight multiple enemies, you just canít have them on every side. It quickly
becomes impossible to block and fight when youíre getting hit nonstop.

Stay aware of your surroundings and where enemies are. This will help prevent enemies 
from sneaking up on you. A useful trick for dealing with multiple enemies is to strafe
so theyíre blocking each other. This makes them more likely to hit each other. Another
fun one is strafing so an enemy blocks an archer from hitting you. Thereís a solid 
chance that archer will still hit their own teammate.

Combat Mechanics Tips:
When i use kick my opponent hitting me with his weapon even he get kicked like nothing
happened how is this possible?

Kick only stuns if the opponent is blocking. If the opponent is attacking you then kick 
does nothing but minor damage. Attack counters kicks.

-=How to get rid of multiple enemies=-
You want to avoid fights against multiple players of equal skill (i.e. players that donít 
spam horizontals for easy counters). If your fighting against noobs riposting or 
counterattacking and dragging will make short work of multiple combatants. You can also 
dodge between them to make them hit each other.

When time you should use kick, alt attack or jab what is their advantage or disadvantages

Kick is to counter block. Jab is to counter attack. Alt attack just changes your animation 
and allows you to feint. Useful in some circumstances like getting a counter if you have 
a faster weapon.

-=How to defeat fastest weapons at duel=-
Faster weapons typically have lower damage. Just block and smack them.

Useful Tips for Horse Guide:
Written by CatsWithTopHats
Horses donít really have a "Throttle", so you have to hold W to continue moving at a 
trot. Press shift to kick things into a Gallop, but be aware it isnít as easy to turn
this way.
Speaking of turning, this is where itís most frustrating. Turning is based on where your 
mouse is looking, but I think doing a combination of that and using A/D can help turn a 
bit more. In order to make a sharp turn, tap/hold S or reverse while turning your camera 
in the direction you want to go. Your horse will whinny a bit and should turn much more 
quickly in the desired direction.
If you find yourself stuck facing a wall or stuck on some geometry, hold S and use either 
A or D to strafe away from the obstacle.

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