Chrome Specforce Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Chrome Specforce 
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 Chrome Specforce Cheats

Chrome Specforce

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Bring down the console by pressing [`] and enter any of the following 
codes. The cheats are case sensitive. 

Effect                                         - Code
12mm                                           - Cheat.GiveAmmo12mmShort()
14mm Sniper Ammo                               - Cheat.GiveAmmo14mmLong()
150 Damage 1m range                            - Cheat.GiveKnife()
8mm ammo                                       - Cheat.GiveAmmo8mmLong()
a BFG Looking energy gun D250 R30              - Cheat.GiveOCIX4()
a Doom looking plasma gun D400 R100            - Cheat.GiveLeRogue()
a half life1 looking modded revolver D150 R250 - Cheat.GiveBjornHD()
Banana Bomb                                    - Cheat.ClusterGrenade()
Energy Charger                                 - Cheat.GiveOCS()
Fills up your health meter                     - Cheat.FullHealth()
For energy guns, not for power suit use        - Cheat.GiveAmmoEnergy()
for pistols                                    - Cheat.GiveAmmo9mmShort()
Gives you a med pack                           - Cheat.GiveHealtex()
Green machine sniper D90 R400                  - Cheat.GiveTAINitron()
Jumps to the next mission /Level skip          - Cheat.NextMission()
Rocket Ammo                                    - Cheat.GiveAmmoRockets()
Shotfun Shells                                 - Cheat.GiveAmmoShotgun()
Shotgun D350 R150                              - Cheat.GiveNoNFrager()
Silenced Pistol D35 R125                       - Cheat.GiveTC234Sup()
Silenced Uzi D35 R200                          - Cheat.GiveC9S()
Standard Grenade                               - Cheat.GiveGrenade()
Starting Pistol D40 R150                       - Cheat.GiveTC234()
Starting Rifle D55 R220                        - Cheat.GiveMatsonCAFS()
Starting Rocket Launcher D1250 R100            - Cheat.GiveGLDragoon()
Starting Sniper Rifle D220 R300                - Cheat.GiveMAXatron()
Take no Damage                                 - Cheat.GodMode()
Uzi D40 R150                                   - Cheat.GiveC9A5()
Zoomable 50cal Sniper 8X zoom D220 R900        - Cheat.GiveOCICrom()
Zoomable Sniper 4X zoom D90 R750               - Cheat.GiveMatsonACC()

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