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  Hints and Tips for: Cineris Somnia 
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 Cineris Somnia Cheats

Cineris Somnia

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get the True Ending (World of Ashes):
Written by Krusnik777

In this guide I'll try explain how to get the true ending in CINERIS SOMNIA.

CINERIS SOMNIA has true ending, which you can get if you found four chunks 
of ash (parts of the Ash Key) in every chapter. Chunks of ash are easily 
missable (and if you missed one of them and finished chapter you can't get 
it after), so in this guide I tell you where and when exactly to find them 
and what to do (if needed).

-=Charlotte's Chapter=-
When Charlotte tell you about Sweet Medicine talk to her few times. 
She must tell you about her father and his work.

After you gave her Sweet Medicine and receive Letter to Father go to room 
216. Go inside (door will be closed if you didn't talk with Charlotte 
earlier like I said) and get the chunk of ash from the sewing machine.

-=Marie's Chapter=-
After events in Dollhouse (where you saw Marie's memory about a secret of 
the blue bird) go to the pond/river where you earlier pick up the birdcage 
for Marie. Examine the wooden toy boat and get the chunk of ash:

-=Ophelia's Chapter=-
In the end of chapter when you get all tools needed to open (but not open 
yet) the coffin in Ophelia's bedroom and saw all past memories (by peeking 
to all doors) go to Library on the second floor. 
Get the chunk of ash from hat and umbrella beside lamp post.

-=Last Chapter=-
On the top of lighthouse examine the desk.

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