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  Hints and Tips for: City of Gangsters 
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 City of Gangsters Cheats

City of Gangsters

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Save Editing Guide:
Written by The Mogician

How to Edit Your Saves

-=Prep Work=-
To do save editing, you need:

* To know the location of the save files:
* AppData\LocalLow\SomaSim\City of Gangsters\saves\
* To have a unzipper. 
  Personally I use 7zip since it is free but I assume you can use other unzippers.
* To have a text editor. Technically the Windows Notebook works, but I suggest
  using something better such as Notepad++ (which is free).

Before you start, go to the save location, if you have any save games, there should be 
one or more folders that are named with random numbers. These contain your save file 
folders. Enter the one you want (you can figure out the one you want with the timestamps 
on the folders), unzip the file and extract the "savedata.sim". 
This is the file we will be editing.

* Make sure you back up any save files before editing just in case.
* Open the savedata.sim with your choice text editor.
* Once all that is done, we are ready to proceed.

-=How to Expand Your Storage?=-
To "expand your storage", you need to figure out which storage is the one you want 
to expand in the first place. To do that, you can place some money into your storage, 
make it a somewhat random number, once you do that, save the game and open up the 
save file.

Ctrl+F and look for "money {cash }"

Just as a precautionary measure, check the contents section right above the cash 
section and make sure it matches what you had in your storage.

Then go to the id section above, which should say something like inventory-basement-
small (or something similar), change it to inventory-warehouse-large so you can have 
a large industrial storage (warehouse) in the back of your small meat store or small 
barber shop somehow. So far, inventory-warehouse-large seems to be the largest 
storage available.

-=How to Receive a Shipment of Tommy Guns?=-
As mentioned in the previous section, you can turn your small basement storage into
a full blown warehouse, but now you want to receive a shipment of Tommy Guns, what do you do?

As with the previous edit, you can mark the specific storage you wish to edit with money.
Go to the contents section and this is where the contents of the storage is at.

The general format of items stored goes by {qty x id y} where x is the number of items 
you have and y being the item's ID. Let's say you want a crate of 5 Tommy Guns, the content 
would be {qty 5 id weapon-thompson}. Add {qty 5 id weapon-thompson} to the content section 
and you will receive 5 Tommy Guns in the storage.

-=For reference:=-
Crowbar: weapon-crowbar
Baseball bat: weapon-bat
Pocket knife: weapon-knife
Billy club (best melee weapon): weapon-billy-club
Pocket pistol: weapon-pistol

If you don't want Tommy Guns, you can alternatively use these weapon IDs.

-=How to Be a Better Person?=-
To be a better person, you have to locate your person first. 
You can do this by looking for his first/last name.

For example, there is a man named John Smith, to look for him, you can:
* Look for the text string "first John" (without quotation marks).
* Look for the text string "last Smith" (without quotation marks).
* If you are looking for the boss who has a nickname, you can look for the text string 
  "nickname [nickname]"(without quotation marks). For example, you are looking for 
  someone nicknamed Scarface, then it would be "nickname Scarface"(without quotation marks).

Above that, you can find a list of traits at the traitIds section. 
You can add traits here. Here are some of the traits I found that might be useful:

Trait-agile trait-sociable trait-quiet trait-hardworking trait-friendly trait-strong 
trait-aggressive trait-sharpeyed.

They are pretty much what they say in the ID. 
Although I suspect some of the IDs are only useful for building managers (such as hardworking).

You can technically add level ups here as well, but I'm not sure if it will
 cause bugs down the line:

At the levelups section (if said person has one, I assume you can add one for people who 
doesn't have one ATM but it might cause issues), you can put {level 3 id levelup-actions} 
{level 3 id levelup-moves} {level 3 id levelup-combat} in the square brackets after 
levelups and this should give you levelups.

There's also the expectedSalary part. Pretty straight forward if you just want someone to 
work for you for free, just make them expect 0 salary. I am not sure if you can make them 
pay you for the privilege of working.

-=Finishing Up=-

Once you are done editing, you can zip savedata.sim back into the file. 
Then go back to the game and load up the save.

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