Civiballs 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Civiballs 2 
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 Civiballs 2 Cheats

Civiballs 2

Submitted by: cheathunter

* Drop the grey ball that's hanging by two chains into the catapult.
  (you'll have to swing it over to make it land right).
* Drop the red ball, he'll bounce into his pot.
* Release the catapult, it will start the middle grey ball swinging, 
  use him to knock in the red ball on the left.
* Drop the grey ball on the right, it will put the one below it in 
  position for the green ball to bounce off of him and into his pot.

Inca, LVL 7:
* Swing red ball into crossbow on right.
* Drop middle grey ball.
* Fire red ball.
* Drop grey ball on right, red ball goes home.
* Cut swinging grey ball so he goes left and plugs hole.
* Swing green ball into left crossbow, fire, he goes home.

Inca, LVL 8:
* Swing green ball into updraft, he goes home.
* Drop both grey balls, one red ball goes home and one green goes home.
* Fire catapult, last red ball goes home.

Inca, LVL 9:
* Swing lower red ball to right, he goes home.
* Release chain on platform for upper red ball, he goes home.
* Drop upper left green ball, two greens go home.
* Drop upper left grey ball, one more green goes home.
* Drop remaining grey ball (upper right) and final green goes home.

Inca, LVL 10:
* Swing green ball into crossbow, fire, he goes home.
* Drop upper right red ball, he goes home.
* Cut swinging red ball so that he goes left, he'll go home (the long way).
* Swing lower grey ball to the left, so that he rests up against the green pot.
* Drop final green ball, he goes home.

Vikings, LVL 9:
* Swing lower (small) green ball into the red ball on right, he'll go home.
* Swing upper red ball to left, into crossbow, fire, he'll knock green ball home.
* Drop fatty green ball, he and red ball will go home.
* Cut swinging red ball so he goes right.
* Cut right chain on grey ball and time the swing so that he knocks red ball home.

Final level:
* Swing lower yellow ball into crossbow.
* Swing red ball to the left, he goes home.
* Swing green ball to the right, as soon as he's even with the lower grey ball, 
  fire the crossbow, both yellow and green ball will go home.
* Swing upper grey ball to the right, and drop him straight down onto crossbow.
* Drop second grey ball, he'll join his buddy in the crossbow.
* Swing final yellow ball left, he goes home.
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