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  Hints and Tips for: Clive Barker's Jericho 
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 Clive Barker's Jericho Cheats

Clive Barker's Jericho

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Unlockable Extras:
Unlockable                           How to Unlock
01 Cpt. Devin Ross                 - Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks 
02 Lt. Abigail Black               - Kill 50 enemies using Ghost Bullet 
03 Sgt. Frank Delgado              - Pop 50 heads! 
04 Sgt. Wilhelmina "Billie" Church - Complete "Al Khali" on hard 
05 Cpt. Xavier Jones               - Complete "Man Down" on hard 
06 Cpl. Simone Cole                - Complete "The Tomb" on hard 
07 Fr. Paul Rawlings               - Pop 100 heads! 
08 Agent Muriel Green              - Complete "The Den of Souls" on hard 
09 Arnold Leech                    - Complete "Al Khali" on either easy or normal
10 Deceased Devin Ross             - Complete "Still With You" on hard 
11 Cultist                         - Kill 100 enemies using melee attacks 
12 Exlposive Cultist               - Disintegrate 50 enemies! 
22 Brother William of Auxere       - Complete "Motley Crew" on hard 
23 Warrior Crusader                - Complete "Sewers" on hard 
15 Corpses Behemoth                - Complete "River of Blood" on hard 
24 Crossbowman Crusader            - Complete "Tortured Souls" on hard 
17 Psychic Commander               - Complete "World War 2" on either easy or normal
25 Child Crusader                  - Complete "Crusades" on either easy or normal
19 Flamethrower                    - Disintegrate 100 enemies!
20 Grenadier                       - Kill 100 enemies using Ghost Bullet 
21 Sir Richard de Gray             - Complete "Out of the Frying Pan" on hard
26 Bishop Malthus St. Claire       - Complete "Crusades" on either easy or normal
27 Centurion Textius Longinus      - Complete "Decadence" on hard without being 
28 Governor Cassus Vicus           - Complete "Rome" on either easy or normal
29 Legionary                       - Complete "The Low Road" on hard 
30 Blind Behemoth                  - Complete "Morituri te salutant" on hard without 
                                               being incapacitated
31 Gladiator                       - Complete "Temple of Pain" on hard
32 Antadurunnu                     - Complete "The God Seal" on hard
33 Enlil                           - Complete "Spiritual Guide" on hard
34 Inanna                          - Complete "Skin" on hard
35 Ki                              - Complete "Flesh" on hard
36 Ninlil                          - Complete "Skin" on hard without being incapacitated
37 Nanna                           - Complete "Blood" on hard
38 Utu                             - Complete "Blood" on hard without being incapacitated
39 Sumerian Puppet                 - Complete "Flesh" on hard without being incapacitated
40 Pyxis Prima                     - Complete "Sumeria" on either easy or normal
42 The Jericho Team                - Complete "Rivers of Blood" on hard without 
                                               being incapacitated
43 Operation: Godseal              - Complete "Exorcism" on hard

Defeating the gladiator:
To kill the gladiator, use Cole and continue to slow down time and shoot it in the 
back. This will require several attempts.

Easy Defeat St. Matheus 'Black Rose' boss:
Submitted by: UnknownBattler

To defeat Bishop,use Cole and then lure Bishop to edge of the room that has statue like 
'man riding horse' on it.Make sure your team if far enough.After that,let's Bishop just 
chase you and if near enough he'll release his shockwave power which one-hit kill.As he 
release the power,go behind the statue if he in front on the statue or vice versa or any 
direction to opposite him.Quickly use firestorm by pressing 'Q' to increase damage and shoot 
Bishop.Use this trick for faster Boss defeated.


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