Close Combat Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Close Combat 
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 Close Combat Cheats

Close Combat

Super troopers:
On the game menu, you can change dificulties. Go to "Custom" and click 
that button. Then, set your troops to "Very Strong", "Always Obey Orders",
enemy always seen, units are fearless, and enemy intelligence always 
available (causes you to see what enemy is thinking, what weapons they
have, and how much ammo is remaining). Put the enemy at :Very Weak",
thus making your troops almost invincible super troopers.

Troop ratings:
Germans have best weapons and guns. The MG 42 is best all-around German
unit. The Allies have good mortar capability.

Grease Gun:
Play as the Germans on Grand Campaign at Son Bridge. Destroy any M5 but
do not kill the men intentionally. They will run away. After selecting
"Cease Fire", during the next battle in the area the tank men will have
powerful grease guns and no tank.

Troop placemen:
Before setting up troops, right click to display the pop up menu
screen. After this, click "Move", "Move Fast", etc. and click where
you want to go.

Invisible enemy:
During the setup of troops, on either side of the black area you can 
click around with "Fire" (use the "Troop placement" trick) to get a 
head start on the enemy. Use this with mortars, tanks, or personnel. 
The enemy is there, but not seen.
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