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  Hints and Tips for: Coldfall 
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 Coldfall Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide (Full Walkthrough):
Written by Hanni

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

* Go to the left and pick up the flashlight. Press '4' to switch it on. 
* Continue walking to the left and take the gas station key. 
* Turn around and reach the gas station, it's nearby your car. 
* Go inside and immediately leave! 
* Take the knife. You can equip it by pressing '3'. 
* Enter the gas station market again and kill the zombie with two hits. 
* Obtain another key. 
* Leave and walk to the right. Climb up the first ladder. 
* Go to the left and pick up a key card. Try using the elevator. 
* Climb down the ladder. 
* Head east and kill two zombies. 
* Continue walking until you reach another ladder - climb it. 
* Kill two zombies and take some ammunition. 
* Jump off the building and walk to the right until you encounter a 
  public call box. 
* Climb down another ladder. 
* Speak with the scientist. 
* Get closer to him and click through a second conversation. 
* Leave and head back to the hotel with the elevator - 
  go through its main entrance. 
* Go left and use the elevator to get to floor #4. 
* Try opening the door. 
* Use the elevator to get all the way down again. 
* Kill a blue and a green zombie. Obtain a key. 
* Use the elevator again and get to floor #4. 
* Open the door and pick up the pistol and the gas can. 
* You can equip the pistol by pressing '2'. 
* Load the pistol. 
* Use the elevator and kill two zombies on the first floor. 
* Pick up the medikit. 
* Leave the hotel and go to your car - it's west of you. 
* Open your inventory and fill the gas can to 100%. 
* Walk east and kill three zombies. Pick up the medikit and the crowbar. 
* Head back to your car and obtain its battery with the help of the crowbar. 
* Bring the items to the scientist and take his storage key. 
* Close the bunker door, climb up and walk westwards. 
* Enter the storage building - it's between the hotel and the police station. 
* Take the medikit and climb up another ladder. 
* Interact with the old-man corpse. You can equip his shotgun by pressing '1'. 

-=One Man's Misfortune=-
Put an old soul to rest

* Switch back to the loaded pistol. 
* Open the closet and take the gloves. 
* See the scientist again. Speak with him and take his lighthouse key. 
* Leave and close the bunker door again. 
* Climb up the ladder and walk to the right. 
* Enter the lighthouse, climb it up and speak with the cop. 
* Take his police key and leave the lighthouse. 
* Enter the police station and be prepared to kill two green zombies and two blue zombies. 
* Take some pistol ammunition. 
* Open the closet to get some shotgun ammunition. 
* Interact with the first prison cell to get another medikit. 
* Enter the hotel and go to floor #3. Switch to the shotgun and load it. 
* Fill your health by using some medikits from your inventory. 
* Shoot the door twice and switch to your pistol. 
* Approach and shoot the neighbor without getting shot. 

-=Neighbour Survivor=-
Kill the friendly neighbour with a certain amount of health left

* Leave the hotel, take a few steps to the right and kill the cop. 
* Take his room key. 
* Head back to the scientist and speak with him. 
* Climb up the lighthouse and take the receiver. 
* Find some cables and one transmitter component in the storage building. 
* Enter the hotel and open the door on floor #2. Obtain two transmitter components. 
* Prepare yourself for a last battle - load and equip the pistol. 
* Fill up your health bar and find another medikit in the gas station store. 
* Try to bring the items to the scientist. 

As soon as the intruders try to attack you a counter starts. 
You will have limited time to fight back and to escape while shooting/slaying a horde 
of zombies. Switch to your knife after shooting the last bullet.

* Talk to the intruders and shoot them. 
* Call the train by interacting with the computer. 
* Run to the train and kill all zombies on your way. 
* Hurry and stay alive! 

-=Mutants Expired
Kill all mutants by the end of the game

-=Game Finisher
Get to that train!

Jump off the hotel.

-=Suicide Squad
A fear of heights will bring you closer

Replay the game until you have to fill the gas can. Instead of stopping at 100%, fill it 
one more time.

-=Over Syphon
Don't over do it

Replay the game and do not close the bunker door after obtaining the scientist's storage key.

-=Scientist Dilemma
Did you forget to close something?

-=Hidden Health
Climb up the ladder to the hotel's roof and jump on another building by running to the right. 
Again, jump off this building by walking eastwards. You will land on a street lamp with the 
hidden medikit on top.

-=Hidden Health
Find a hidden medkit

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