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  Hints and Tips for: Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty 
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 Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty Cheats

Commandos - Beyond the Call of Duty

Cheat Codes:
While playing a game, type "GONZO1982" or "1982GONZO" to 
enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes 
to activate the corresponding cheat function:  

Instead of typing 1982GONZO or GONZO1982, you can also try
GONZOOPERA. (no zeros)
Now you have following Options:

Code             Effect
SHIFT+V        - Invisible to Enemy 
SHIFT+X        - Tele-transport. (look with your 
                 mouse for an place for your Figur)
CTRL+I         - Invincibility 
CTRL+SHIFT+N   - Finish the Mission
STRG-I         - God-Mode for Soldiers,
STRG+SHIFT+N   - Win the Mission!. 
F9             - Info About the Terrain
SHIFT+F4       - Trace Commandos
CTRL+F9        - Show Debug Output
SHIFT+E/CTRL+E - Mission Editor 
SHIFT+F1/F2/F3 - Video Mode 
CTRL+L         - Invulneribility 
CTRL+SHIFT+X   - Destroy Everything 
ALT+I          - Picte Interface 

Mission Codes:
Update by: Durairaju N
Update by: Soul

Dying Light                - T239Z
The Asphalt Jungle         - 8K2IX
Dropped out of the Sky     - 9R291
THor's Hammer              - 44G9J
Guess who's coming tonight - 4HSAB
Eagle's Nest               - J8TSN
The Great Escape           - LUK2L
Dangerous Friendships      - DUSLZ

Other Mission Codes
KXII7 - Mission 2 
GOH9O - Mission 3 
HCOAU - Mission 4 
TF4AO - Mission 5 
T8TSN - Mission 6 
TLESF - Mission 7 
TUSLV - Mission 8 

Game Tips Easy kills:
Submitted by: Jerome Ian Cordero

One nasty way of completing the stage is by killing all the germans
(massacre!). Just go to a semi hidden place, a place where the germans
have to make a right or left turn before they can see you, a place 
where your in range to shoot them with pistol first before they can
see you, in stage 2, a nice place to do this is behind wooden fence, 
near where the zoo keeper turns to go back inside the zoo, when you are
in place, make a warning shot, nearby germans will hear this and run 
towards your place, they will fall in line while running to you, start
gunning them down when they came in sight, you will see them first and
kill them (3 shot per soldier), before they see you, since they are 
inline, you can do kill them one by one, this not applicable if the 
games needs you to be stealth.

Level Hints:
Submitted by: Anij T.J

1: Zoo level:
It is pretty difficult to win without killing the three germans who
are ready to shoot the captured general of our side .To kill them 
capture the zookeepers uniform for spy and go inside. and now you 
should move to the area where your general is captured there stand
just behind one of the three enemy soldiers and click the mouse on 
the soldier this will push that soldier one step forward just like
that move him till he reach one or two step close to our captured 
general. Now do the same with the second soldier.then use ether& 
injections to kill the third soldier and hide his body.Now push back
the other soldier to some steps back and kill kill the third
soldier also. It is done!! now you must hide your general to some 
barriers (just in the backside of that wall itself). Now you can kill
enemy soldiers and you no longer need to hide them.

2: Zoo level
Kill the soldier outside the compound wall (Near the lions cage).
This will trap three more soldiers there.

Submitted by: cran-tara

This cheat works in commandos and commandos: beyond the call of duty; 
isn't a cheat properly ,, just a way of simplify the work. When you want
to kill some soldier and is so difficult just stand up  one moment when
he is looking at you with the light green sight and then, down and hide.
The german soldier will came where he saw you without alarms and you will
can kill him easily.

* Planning your moves is critical, so examine the situation and rehearse 
  the sequence of hot key moves you'll need before sending your commandos
  into action. On the zoo level, use the yard of the house across the street
  to hide bodies, and be sure to steal the zookeeper's uniform for the spy. 

* Use the cigarettes to draw enemy soldiers into the bear trap.

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