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  Hints and Tips for: Command & Conquer Remastered Collection 
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 Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Cheats

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Guide to Adding Rules.ini to Red Alert:
Written by Summoner  

Here is guide wich will shows how to add the "Rules.ini" file for Red Alert 

-=Adding Guide (How to)=-
What Is Rules.ini
It's a file that allows you edit various game parameters in Red Alert.

Step 1
Visit the Ultimate Red Alert Archive and download the Rules.ini file.

Step 2
Extract the Rules.ini file and place in the CnCRemastered folder (to find the 
folder right click the game in your library and go to "Manage" and "Browse 
local files").

Step 3
In order for any of the changes to work just restart Red Alert.

Here's a Ranger shooting fireballs.


-=Additional Information=-
It's also possible to find the Rules.ini file in the Remastered installation 

If you'd like to do that you can do these steps:

Visit C&C Communications Centre, download and install the XCC Utilities.
Find the newly installed program "Mixer" in the "XCC" Startup folder and after 
opening it go to: 
/CnCRemastered/Data/CNCDATA/ RED_ALERT/CD1/REDALERT.MIX/local.mix/rules.ini
Just right click and extract it, then place it at CnCRemastered as per initial 

And one last note, Rules.ini only works with Red Alert so no Tiberian Dawn. 
If you poke into the original's files with XCC you'll find a Rules.ini but 
with a message explaining this.

How to Get Secret Dino Mission:
Guide to Get Secret Dino Mission

-=What to Do=-
#1 - Hold SHIFT
#2 - Left Click Each BOLT in the main screen menu, 
     it will then go (ROAR on each click).
#3 - Once complete the mission will be unlocked.
#4 - Long live Kane!

How to switch between the Original and Remastered Graphics:
Press the Spacebar key on your keyboard during any singleplayer campaign mission 
(and probably in solo Skirmish matches as well) to see the graphics switch in 
real-time from the remastered new 4K graphics back to the classic 1995 & 1996 
graphics of the originals. You can play whichever way you prefer.

Toggle the graphics from old to new and back by pressing the Spacebar key again 
and again. It’s great for whenever you’ve had enough of the redone high-res 1440p 
4K graphics and are feeling nostalgic for that 1990’s retro 320×200 resolution!

-=Red Alert Remastered Cheats=-
Regenerate Ore Every Mission
In the singleplayer campaign, whenever you find yourself running out of ore, save 
the game and then reload it. The ore will have fully respawned and you’ll have as 
much to delve for cash as you had at the start of the mission.

-=How to Unlock the Hidden singleplayer Ant Missions=-
While you’re on Red Alert’s Main Menu, move your mouse to hover over the top-right 
side of the Main Menu where you see a speaker in the background. Next, hold the 
SHIFT key on your keyboard and at the same time left-click with your mouse on the 
speaker to immediately access the secret Ant Missions.

Next time you play Red Alert, you can access it more easily from the Main Menu, 
by going to Mission Select, selecting the Ant Logo tab, and then you can choose 
what mission from the “IT CAME FROM! Ant Campaign” you want to play!

Nuke Silo Selling Glitch To Gain Free Gold & Infantry:
How to get free money and infantry units:

1: When you play as the Soviet or Allies, build a Tech Center to get access to 
advanced building like the Missile Silo that sends out an Atom Bomb. Now wait for 
your Nuclear Bomb to get READY by switching the right-side building menu to the 
Superweapons Tab.

2: Then the Game Speed can be adjusted from the Options menu by pausing the game 
with the Esc key and selecting Options and then setting the Game Speed to its 
slowest (move the slider all the way to the left).

3: Once done, go back to resume the game and put the Missile Silo and the mini-
map side-by-side on your screen, so you have to move your mouse as little as 
possible in the next steps.

4: Press the SHIFT & S keys at the same time to more quickly go in & out of 
selling mode, or you can find the selling $-button for it in the right-side 
building menu (use whichever is easier for you). Now you are ready to use the 
Nuke Silo Selling Glitch.

5: With the Atom Bomb ready, sell your Missile Silo, exit selling mode, and 
immediately select & fire the Atom Bomb at your enemy via the mini-map (since 
time is of the essence). Because you fired an Atom Bomb after selling, the Missile 
Silo sale will automatically be CANCELLED! But it will still partially sell… 
giving you part of its selling price and 5 random infantry units for free, 
while still firing a Nuke!

Useful Tips and Tricks (Tiberian Dawn):
Written by renticule

-=Some Basics=-
You will lose. A lot. Do not worry about winning. Your first victories will be 
accidental through exploiting your enemy's mistakes and learning what to do in certain 

Use the Guard, Force-Move, and Force-Fire options (CTRL and, ALT, CTRL+ALT respectively); 
You can make even more effective use of certain units this way. Also armored vehicles 
can run over enemy infantry with a satisfying splatter.

A massive part of learning to play RTS games is observation and experimentation. 
Watch those replays.

Keep an eye on your harvesters; as well as your enemy's. Attack theirs whenever 
possible. Harrassment and choking your enemy's resources is key. Know what building 
to attack and when.

Scout early; scout often.- but make sure to thwart the intel-gathering of your enemy, 
Get a radar up. Knowing what your enemy is about to throw at you is crucial to forming 
a counter; for that reason it is often more intuitive to throw up unit production; 
then refineries; unless going for the vehicles first, in which case a Refinery is 

Building multiple production structures (mcvs and maybe temples/adv comms included) 
decreases buildtime.

Sometimes it is wise to selectively remove units from a composition of the enemy rather 
than let your units auto-target; Additionally, it can also be very wise to spread out the 
damage to the enemy units to cripple them.

Nod is the more advanced playstyle faction and trickier to play. Micro is required in 
many engagements to be efficient for BOTH factions- however unlike Starcraft and a bit 
more similar to Total Annihilation; C&C is more about the Macro than the Micro; If you 
see a unit fire; move, fire, move, they're likely being micro'd. Some units can fire on 
the move; others cannot. Almost every weapon in the game has some sort of delay- Imagine, 
then, that you are not an individual in an FPS- but commanding those individuals- 
You want them to dodge those tank shells, don't you? They can!

The Flame Tank is nod's Strongest tank- in terms of durability. It has the most health 
and armor. It is however quite slow.- but it's weaponry melts most light vehicles and 
infantry with ease; The mere sight of one of these things can often be enough to make 
your enemy quit- even if they have more units than you and could wipe you out.

If you've fought an opponent before; try to remember what they liked to do and if they 
won against you; Chances are they will try that strategy again!

-=Optional Ettiquities=-
Don't just spam a single type of unit; While this is a legitimate strategy; it is 
also often extremely unfun to be mobbed by hordes of bikes, mediums, or otherwise, 
very early on.

If you're feeling risque or think the other player is newer to the genre; pull back 
and give them more of a shot; If the enemy feels "limp" then they might give up and 
not want to play any more RTS games; and that is something we can't really afford 
for the genre; we need people to want to play RTS games.

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