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  Hints and Tips for: Commands & Colors: Ancients 
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 Commands & Colors: Ancients Cheats

Commands & Colors: Ancients

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Quick Guide:
Written by Tiberius

This guide is for players familiar with the boardgame rules, and are 
getting started with the digital edition.

-=Game Overview=-
This game comes with all 15 of scenarios available in base Command and Colors 
Ancients boardgame. Each battle can be played against the AI as either side 
or head to head against a human opponent on the same device. The game doesn't 
currently support multiplayer. It doesn't include content from any of the 

-=Before Getting Started=-
When you start the game for the first time, I recommend going into the settings 
and checking the 'Skip Animation', 'Skip Dice Rolls' and 'Hide Tutorials' boxes 
- these all slow down gameplay.

-=Selecting Your Scenario=-
From the main menu select 'Campaign' then 'Start Match', from here you will be 
presented with the list of the 15 scenarios. On the left sidebar is the scenario 
list. In the centre, the map and scenario background, plus the all important 
number of Victory Banners you need to achieve to win the scenario. On the right, 
you can select which side to control as well as the difficulty of the AI if used. 
Somewhat un-intuitively, the top selection controls the army on the bottom of 
the map e.g. for Akragas, the top player controls the Syracusan army. 
Hit 'Play' to start the scenario.

-=The Visuals=-
Note that the game does not keep the Green, Blue, Red unit colouring of boardgame 
(is it even Commands and Colors then?), but the new unit symbols are quite 
intuitive and the unit shapes of Circle, Triangle, Square are:

Crossed Swords on Square = Heavy Infantry
Sword on Triangle = Medium Infantry
Crossed Axes on Triangle = Warriors
Sword on Circle = Auxillia
Crossed Javelins on Circle = Light Infantry
Bow on Circle = Light Bow Infantry
Sling on Circle = Light Sling Infantry
Horse on Square = Heavy Cavalry
Horse on Triangle = Medium Cavalry
Horse on Circle = Light Cavalry
Elephant on Square = Elephant
Wheel on Square = Heavy Chariot
Star with Unit = General with Unit
Large Star = Lone General

-=Playing the Game=-
----Card Phase
Your hand of Command Cards is presented at the bottom of the screen. 
You can hover over any of the cards to read the full description. 
Select the card to be played, then confirm the selection. 

----Order Phase
Eligible units are highlighted blue. 
Select units to be ordered. 
Cards that require units to be adjacent will limit your selection based on the 
first unit selected. With Leader based cards, select the Leader first. 

---Move Phase
Units will able to move to any white highlighted hex. 
Auxillia movement rules (no battle) shown by green highlight on hex. 
Warrior movement rules (must battle) shown by red crossed swords highligh on hex. 

---Battle Phase
Units eligible to battle are highlighted yellow. 
Units may then battle in order of choosing. 

-=Evades & Retreats=-
When eligible to Evade or forced to retreat, you will shown the available 
destination hexes in the same manner as the move highlight. 

-=End Phase=
A new command card is automatically drawn. 

-=Card Specific=-
First Strike - if you have this card, you will be prompted to play the card 
or ignore it each time the opponent battle one of your units. 
Leadership in Section cards - you must first select the Lone Leader or Leaders 
unit before selecting adjacent cards. 

-=Other Notes=-
Clicking the turn counter in the top right shows how many Victory Banner each 
side has / needs. 
Selecting the 'Flame' menu item shows the cards that have been discarded, useful 
if considering playing the Counter Attack.

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