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  Hints and Tips for: Cookie Clicker 
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 Cookie Clicker Cheats

Cookie Clicker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden:
This is the order I unlock seeds in, trying to complete a full seed log as fast 
as possible (to get Sugar Lumps as fast as possible). I have this in order of 
what to focus on next, trying to get straight to the slowest maturing plants 

-=Straight to Queenbeets=-
First, the “Straight to Juicy Queenbeets” path, starting with nothing but 
Baker’s Wheat

* Baker’s Wheat
* Bakeberry
* Meddleweed
* Brown Mold
* Chocoroot
* Queenbeet
* Juicy Queenbeet!

-=Leftovers from JQ Gardening=-
Then the “Leftovers from JQ gardening” path. Make sure to get these with the 
leftover Queenbeets after farming in that 4 square pattern (but chances are, 
you’ll get these before getting a JQ)

* Skriekbulb
* Duketater!

-=Straight to Drowsyfern=-
Next, “Straight to Drowsyfern”

* Thumbcorn (probably already have this from the first stage)
* Cronerice
* Gildmillet
* Ordinary Clover
* White Mildew (probably already have this too)
* Greenrot
* Keenmoss
* Drowsyfern!

-=Straight to Everdaisy=-
Now, “Straight to Everdaisy”

* Shimmerlily
* Elderwart
* White Chocoroot
* Tidygrass
* Everdaisy!

-=Everything Else=-
Finally, “Everything Else.” This order is arguable, so if you instead want to 
focus on rarer plants rather than slowly maturing plants, that’s fine too.

* Crumbspore
* Ichorpuff
* Wardlichen
* Whiskerbloom
* Nursetulip
* Doughshroom
* Fools’ Bolete
* Wrinklegill
* Chimerose
* Glovemorel
* Golden Clover
* Cheapcap

This is what I personally do, but I’m more than happy to hear arguments for more 
optimal paths (for example, I could see an argument for trying to get Elderwarts 
right after Juicy Queenbeets to speed up that process. I could also see an argument
for trying to unlock useful plants to use on the side first) I prefer this path 
though, since I am at the point where all I care about are Sugar Lumps.

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