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  Hints and Tips for: Core Keeper 
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 Core Keeper Cheats

Core Keeper

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Kill the Hive Mother:
Super Easy Hive Mother Kill

-=First Steps=-
* Prepare the room, you only need a relatively semi-open area. 
  Give yourself room to run around to avoid acid.
* Start taking the fleshy wall and placing the pieces around the egg 
  spawns located around the hive mother before you begin the fight
* Double check to make sure there’s no gaps to walk in through for the
  stuff that will spawn during the fight.
* Bring food/potions for slight emergencies where you accidentally 
  may get hit.

-=The Fight=-
* Eat whatever movement speed / Attack related food you have for buffs 
  and keep whacking away at the Hive Mother
* The Hive Mother will be spitting acid at you so just keep running 
  clockwise or counter-clockwise, sticking to 1 direction is easier to 
  manage. Avoid walking into the acid left behind. (Optional) Have a 
  friend on shovel duty.
* Ignore any of the Hive Eggs that are spawning cause well, they’re 
  trapped inside the fleshy wall. They can’t do anything.
* Sometimes there will be small larvae that spawn outside on the ground, 
  just kill them quickly and then back to business as usual.
* Congrats, that’s basically the whole fight.

Basics of Farming:
Basics of farming I’ve learned after a few hours of gameplay.

If you’ve played Minecraft, or any other survival crafter with farming, 
you likely already know what to do. This is not a master’s guide, but 
just simple information that hopefully helps someone who needs it.

-=Step 1. Gather seeds=-
You collect seeds from the many types of crops you find in the world, 
but they can also be dropped by Slimes or found in chests.

-=Step 2. Craft a hoe and watering can=-
You will need both. This can be done at a crafting bench. 
Better quality tools can be made at higher-tier benches.

-=Step 3. Plow the land=-
With the hoe selected, right-click on a dirt tile to cultivate it. You 
don’t have to worry about disturbing your farms — they can’t be destroyed 
by walking/running, fighting, harvesting, etc. You may de-cultivate the 
land anytime by right-clicking again with the hoe. 
This will return it to normal.

All plants can be grown on dirt, except carrots (carrocks) — these must 
be planted on stone.

-=Step 4 & 5. Plant your seeds and water the crop tiles=-
This may be done in whatever order you prefer. You can water first, or 
plant first, it doesn’t matter — but planted seeds will not begin growing 
unless they are watered.

Select a seed and right-click to plant it on a tile.

To fill the watering can, stand next to a water tile, select your watering 
can, and right-click. Your first watering can depletes very quickly, so it 
is recommended to do your farming very close to a water supply.

-=Step 6. Harvest!=-
In about 5 minutes, your crops will mature. They often become vibrant & 
animated when they are ready, making it very obvious when the time is 
right. A mature crop can be harvested with one left-click. Unripe/immature 
crops will not be harvestable with one left-click, which helps prevent 
harvesting mistakes. Atleast 1 crop is guaranteed during harvest, but 
seeds are not. Be careful not to waste or runout of seeds.

* The root plants will mature on the tile you planted on, and then spread to 
  surrounding tiles. Give atleast 2-3 tiles of space for these crops. 
* They will absolutely grow onto your other crops.
  A watered farm tile will dry up on its own if left unused.
* Crop tiles will always use up their water when the crop is ready. It will 
  need to be rewatered if you plant again after the harvest.
* Without a dedicated gardener, crops DO NOT reliably give many seeds. It 
  is easy to use up all your seeds, harvest all your crops, and not have 
  many seeds left to plant again. Develop your gardening skills and/or go 
  exploring to find more seeds.
* It does not seem water tiles can be used to irrigate your crops. It does n
  ot matter how close or far your farm is from water tiles, they still need 
  to be manually watered using your watering can. (i hope there’s a well or 
  a sprinkler in the later game) 
* There are 3 basic crops available immediately — bomb peppers, heart berries, 
  and glow tulips. We also found a carrot-type crop and a bean-shaped crop 
  that produces fiber. 
* Mushrooms can’t be planted. Maybe there’s a special pot or container for 
  growing these?

NPC Housing Requirements & Tips (Comprehensive List):
Written by ZeroGravitas

Debunking the ubiquitously incorrect information on this topic, to help 
those struggling, by using results of careful in-game testing in Core Keeper 
Version 0.3.5-05e7.

Requirements for NPC to Teleport into a Room
(1) Fully enclosed by walls of any type.
(2) Summoning item – “Slime Oil” or “Mysterious Idol” (from defeating bosses).
(3) Bed – crafted (not “Caveling Bed”).
(4) 1 empty tile of space – that includes no torches.
(5) Minimum floor space of 4 tiles (e.g. 2×2), as dictated by the above requirements.
(6) Max size 63 tiles (i.e. 8×8 – 1).
(7) Their existing bed is picked up (if there is one). Picking up only the 
    summoning item or breaking a wall/door is not sufficient.
(8) Player moves away so that new room and NPC themself are entirely off the 
    mini-map for some amount of time. 10 seconds seemed to do it for me, but 
    it may be inconsistent, so try going further for longer if stuck.

Not Required
(a) Door.
(b) Light source (NPCs have their own).
(c) Specific floor covering or wall type (natural dirt will suffice).
(d) Separate room – NPC will share, provided there’s enough beds.
(e) Clean bed – it *can* be player’s respawn point.
(f) Entirely solid floor – holes are fine, provided enough good floor space.
(g) Safety – room may contain enemies and their spawn surfaces (e.g. slime).

-=Advanced Tips and Tricks=-
(i) Placing the summoning item in the doorway can let you past while blocking them in. 
    They seem to have a bigger collision box. But it must be a side door with a clear 
    tile above the Slime Oil/Mysterius Idol. Other furniture can be used to force the 
    NPC’s position in bigger rooms.

(ii) Spoiler for late game: NPCs can be summoned to the wilderness, then (given their 
     immortality) used as a punching bag to hit a crit and trigger your Soul of Azeos 
     Thunder Beam, which is able to break through Mould Dungeon walls.

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