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  Hints and Tips for: Crawling Of The Dead 
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 Crawling Of The Dead Cheats

Crawling Of The Dead

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips and Tricks:
Written by

This guide is for all newcomer "death crawlers" who want to know some cool 
tip &t tricks!

The best way to describe core game mechanics of this game is a mix of rogue-like 
games and Dark Souls games.

Your main hub is an abandoned house where you can find all important things every 
proper adventurer needs. A Bedroom (for healing) an Armory (for crafting) and a 
Training grounds (for leveling up) and most importantly - The entrance to a deep 
dungeon bellow.

So the basic game loop is to enter the dungeon, kill as many enemies as you can, 
grab all the loot you can carry and return to your house before you get killed.

At your home, heal yourself, craft new weapons and if you have enough souls, 
level up.

-=Things to notice:
* The biggest mistake is to overestimate yourself. It is always better to return 
  home alive than to die and lose your experience points just because you were 
  greedy :)
* With each death (and you will die often), your maximum health will decrease. 
  This is a similar mechanics to a Dark Souls game where you are slowly becoming 
  "hollow". To reverse this, you need to find a "Restoration Potion" and drink it.
  This way you will be back to 100% maximum health. Beware that these potions are 
  scarce, so do not waste them. Wait until your health drops at least to 75% before
  drinking them or before a boss fights.
* Upon death, your experience points are lost. However if you return to the dungeon 
  you can find the lost experience points there and retrieve them. Keep in mind that
  If you die again, they are lost forever. This is the same "Souls" mechanics the 
  Dark Souls games have.
* All other things such as loot, patters, equipment, your level are preserved. Also 
  you can instantly return to the last dungeon level you have visited so far.

First thing to remember is, that combat in this game is skill-based and very well 
done. This is not just another "sword jiggle" wannabe sword-fight game, most players
are used to. You cannot just put your sword into your enemy and expect to do a damage.
You actually need to do proper swings and stabs with enough power, read your enemy 
combos, block their attacks and do proper counter attacks into their vulnerable spots.

-=Tips & Tricks:
* At first floors enemies are very easy to kill, almost "tutorial-like" easy. Their 
  attacks are slow and easy to read. Use this stage to get used to blocking enemy 
  attacks and do some proper counter-attacks. The true challenge has yet to come.
* Try to use environment to make your enemies trip and fall down! Lying enemy is much 
  easier target :) Enemies are more likely to trip if wall is behind them, or some 
  debris are under them while fighting.
* Be patient and wait for enemy combos to finish and counterattack once you find an 
* Enemy shield / armor can be destroyed if they get enough damage. Lean forward 
  and try to inflict damage to enemy shield while they prepare for their next combo.
* You can fight with opened backpack. If you are in some particularly challenging 
  fight don't hesitate and open you backpack next to you and try to grab a health 
  potion from it while fighting to heal.
* Very rarely multiple enemies will attack you... well this is where the wheat 
  separate from the chaff :) Only few can survive this, but try to prevent enemies 
  to surround you. Your only chance is to fight them straight ahead. Try to select 
  the weaker one and finish him ASAP.
* Try to observe the damage numbers above the enemy heads. This way you will quickly 
  learn which attacks do the most damage. The damage is calculated based on your 
  swing speed as well as the point of impact. High intensity swing directly into enemy 
  head is always very effective :) Be warned, the same applies for your enemies. Do 
  not let the Skeleton finish his two-handed leap strike into your head....
* Even-though you cannot move during fight. The game will occasionally offer you a 
  teleport spot you can move to. Use it wisely, this is double edged sword. You can
  improve your fighting position this way but you can also get quickly disoriented 
  and enemies can react faster than you expected. One of best places to fight are 
  definitely elevated positions, eg. you on top of the staircase and enemy beneath 

-=Crafting & Weapons
The game has its own crafting mechanics which are very well made and give a sense 
of true progress and achievement.

As you explore the dungeon, you will find patters for new weapons and shields to 
craft. You will also find resources needed to craft these weapons (currently Iron, 
Gold, Gems ). Try to craft every new pattern you will find as these will give a 
huge boost to your damage / survivability as well as a Mastery points ( read bellow)

* Each weapon has its own "Expertise points". This means that whenever each weapon 
  is used in a combat, it gains these points until you master it. Once mastered, 
  you will gain a permanent bonus from this weapon to your skills. This means that 
  it is worth to use every weapon in the game, as every single one of them can be 
  "harvested" for this passive permanent bonus to your character.
* You can use a sword with a shield or you can dual-wield. As the shield has 
  limited hitpoints before it breaks, the best strategy is to always carry a second 
  sword with you in the inventory and when your shield breaks go dual-wield. You 
  can also carry a torch which is handy in dark areas.
* Some weapons have bigger range than others. Long sword will reach further then an 
  axe. This is usually compensated by an increased damage for shorter weapons. Use 
  what suits your playstyle the best.

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