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  Hints and Tips for: CreativeDestruction 
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 CreativeDestruction Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginner's Guide (The Basics):
Written by You're Adopted

This guide is going to tell you the basics of C.D. I've had the game for barely 
2 weeks but i've learned so much from playing that i was brave and courageous 
enough to buy the flex pass for Season 4 and other lovely skins. In this guide 
i will go through the basics from [Item Rarities] to [Secret Skills].

-=Item Rarities=-
You may have seen some items like shotguns outlined in Grey. Or a Sniper Rifle 
with a golden Aura around it. This means it is one of the 5 rarities you can get 
on an item. The values are listed from Worst to Best following this Order:

Common [White]
Uncommon [Green]
Rare [Blue]
Epic [Purple]
Legendary [Gold]

Common, Uncommon, and Rare items are usually found in abundant structures like 
houses. Yet there's a less chance that you will get them in an Aurora Airdrop, 
A normal Airdrop, or from a Chest.

Most of the weapons in the game (Excluding the Railgun), come in almost every 
rarity. Yet some like the Machine gun come in only Epic and Legendary.

-=Basics of the Map=-
The Aurora Valley is a 44kmx44km wide map with beautiful landforms and towns.

The Valley has landforms ranging from The Purple and Lovely Eden Vines to the 
Harsh and Frigid Snow. Some players pick exact spots on the map like Lion Park 
or Eden Vines. Sometimes an Airdrop with Very Good Loot will be somewhere in one 
of these spots on the map. Yet if your not good at the game i would reccomend 
that you don't go there. After 40 hrs of watching 30 people go after one airdrop 
i say that going for towns with an airdrop is dangerous. Find a spot where theses 
a decent amount of loot and may be in the first few circles and get to collecting. 
Landing on hills is also a good idea as if your being fired at you cant be sniped 
while in a bastion. They wont be able to hit you from above, Unless they use an 
Ejection Seat or a Springboard to propel themselves upwards towards your location 
and you meat your demise.

-=The West Wind & Gold Maps=-
The West Wind is a group of hunters that entered the valley illegally once they 
found that there are trace amounts of gold in the valley. If you died to one you 
might've noticed 2 things: They are in a suit that looks like a suit used in 
military combat and have a large orange flame covering their body. If you manage 
to kill them you will get a map piece which could be the Beach, Lake, Snow, Or 
Mountains. There is always 1 map piece you will never get which means you must 
trade with someone and get that final map piece to create a Gold Map! 

Gold maps can be used every match. You will see a large gold circle with a 
mountain and a pickaxe icon. That means there could be one or multiple columns 
of light in the air (No They Aren't Red) Where go up to it and dig it you can 
get up to 1k gold. Gold is pretty much useless but hey, Having lots of gold is 
cool right?

-=Basic PVP=-
Your Armed with your trusty shotgun. A shotgun fits in the class of close range 
weapons such as the pistols and the smgs. This means they cant fire a very far 
distance. Making them the kings of close range combat. Now you hear a shot, You 
will get a icon with a gun at the top of your screen. If its orange it means its 
nearby but if its red it means they are extremely close to you maybe even right 
behind your back. Now if you can look at your map and you'll see a gun icon 
telling what direction they are shooting from. Unless you already have a good 
cover hurry and build a bastion by pressing F5. Dont stand at the top try to 
take shots when you can. If they have the high ground they can easily hit you 
if your bastion is very low to the ground, Making them useless if your opponent 
has the upper advantage.

-=Finding Loot=-
If you've ever walked into a house and grabbed your classic shotgun you may have 
noticed an annoying glowing gold on your compass. This means theres a chest 
nearby! Start breaking the ceiling and building up into the attic. Some of them 
could be in sneaky spots like behind boards on large buildings and spots you 
cant get to by going up and therefore you must destroy the whole thing.

You can get chests from the middle of some spots on the map, or ontope of 
buildings, towers, and warehouses in eden. Chests can be anywhere including 
in between cargo boxes, under bridges, in windmills and watchtowers and even 
on rocks. Get to looking!

-=Trading and Making Friends=-
So you found a guy in your random duo match and you think hes pretty good and 
can help you. So you friend him. So now your friends and can play together 
whenever you want unless they are offline or they refuse because they are in a 
match or are doing something else.

Since you have those 3 map pieces and need another go ahead in the global chat 
(bottom left corner) and put up that you need to trade. once you trade you will 
have a gold map which will always be yours yaaaaay!

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