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  Hints and Tips for: Creatures 1 
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 Creatures 1 Cheats

Creatures 1

Norn Re-Breeding:
Submitted by: Gunner661

Firstly, select the norn you wish to breed with your later, 
next-gen norns. Then go to File-Export Creature. Save the file. 
Now make a copy of the file. Only ever use one of the files, as 
the file disappears when you import the norn back into the world. 
What this means is that you can use one of the files to breed, 
then, after the egg has hatched, export the first one you imported, 
and use the 2nd file to breed with the newborn.

Pause game play and type a fine kettle of fish for 
unlimited lives and invincibility for all Norns. 

Faster Norns:
Give one Norn twelve energy boosts. If there are two 
Norns, use twenty-four energy boosts. Your Norn(s) 
will start doing everything very fast. For example, 
instead of walking, your Norn(s) will run. Instead of 
running, your Norn(s) will seem to teleport. Instead 
of eating, your norn(s) will make the food they are 
holding disappear. Note: This only works with freshly 
hatched Norns, and not purple mountain Norns.

Sleepwalking Norn:
Give one of your Norns three sleeping injections filled 
to the top. Then enter a command, such as "Get up", and 
he will get up without waking up.

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