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  Hints and Tips for: Crossout 
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 Crossout Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* All parts of your vehicle can be destroyed. Take advantage of this to make it 
  impossible to harm an enemy.
* He is agile as not one? Blow up one or two wheels and we’ll talk about it again.
* These weapons hurt? It would be a shame if they came to break prematurely.

-=Aim for weaknesses=-
* Generators, boxes of ammunition and cans of petrol are weak points not to neglect 
  on a vehicle.
* Less resistant than the cockpit and occasionally highlighted, they can hurt the 
  vehicle, and if it survives, half of its chassis is already scrapped. Be sure not 
  to be too close at the time of the explosion.

* Imagine for a moment that you are in Car, without wheels or weapons to defend 
  you. You are surrounded by the entire enemies team that is within 3 meters of 
  you to kill you.
* Quite to die, so much try to take one or two with you in the grave.
* Holding the Reverse (above the Enter key) pressed starts the self-destruct 
  sequence of your vehicle. A red light flashes in your cockpit.
* After 5 seconds, the rest of your vehicle explodes, inflicting immense damage 
  in a small radius. -As long as your attacker has a melee machine or completely 
  stupid not to see the red light, there is a good chance that it is cooked and 
  that you have a see even several free kills.

* Technical wholesale guns. You’re slow. The enemy is tracking you down. 
  You have unimaginable power per shell. It’s time to peek-a-boo.
* The peek-a-boo is a technique used to take by surprise at a turning player.
* You are not far from a street corner. 
  The enemy arrives at any leg by the said corner.
* You know what you have to do when it happens. Once the shot (s) is realized,
  take advantage of the confusion to either relocate or complete the.

-=The Bait=-
* Technique of filling. You are in bad condition, unarmed, unlike your bored 
  team in a corner? The bait.
* You stand before the enemy and make sure that he notices you. 
  Use your durability or speed to bring your prey directly to your poles so 
  that they reduce it to dust.

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