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  Hints and Tips for: Crusaders Of The Lost Idols 
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 Crusaders Of The Lost Idols Cheats

Crusaders Of The Lost Idols

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Not in Kansas Anymore" achievement:
Fill four slots of the usual formation with Dorothy and her companions, 
starting with just Dorothy from the start and adding a companion every 50 
levels. The first Dorothy gives -25% DPS debuff for all crusaders in your 
formation. Place her in the top of the last column. After completing level
50 the second debuff will give -25% DPS for all crusader that are connected
to this one. He is placed in the third column from the front and connects 
to all crusaders locatons in the second and fourth column. Note: The third
column only has one slot. The front column, back column and second to last 
column are not affected from this debuff because they are not connected. 
Complete level 100 to trigger the third companion, with a -50% gold debuff.
Placed him at the top of the fourth column (counting from the front). The 
fourth companion, the lion, is unlocked after finishing level 150. 
It reduces the HP of every crusader on the field by 75%. Place him in 
the second slot of the last column; leaving 25% HP makes front tanking 
damage very difficult. Then, complete level 200 with this setup.

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