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  Hints and Tips for: Crying Suns 
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 Crying Suns Cheats

Crying Suns

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Survive and Win (Strategy Guide):
Written by Laguna Queen

This guide is meant for semi-experienced players on what they should be thinking 
and doing to make the most of their runs. The final goal is to get the most 
resources that is more than enough for the final boss without too many problems.

Planning Ahead To Survive and Win

-=Officer Skills=-
When the game starts, you will have two starting officers. You should be picking 
one of each category (Solder, Spy, Scientist), instead of two of the same one. 
There is a total of nine (9) total officer skills and you will get more bonuses 
when having them all. If possible, pick officers who have an extra skill because 
each planet expedition is very dependent on who you use.

During a planet expedition, a special officer of 3+ skills will give you double or 
triple rewards with less casualties than a normal officer of only 2. Also, special 
officers have two more health points than a normal one. If lucky enough, they can 
be found in Cryopods (needs the perfect match of two random officer skills for a 
chance to get it) or in trading posts (costs 150 scrap). Each planet expedition 
will randomly favor one of the three officer specialties.

For battle abilities, the most important ones are faster weapon reload, more 
squadron DPS. hull shielding and repair. They are useful later on in the chapter 
for boss fights but are not important early on when picking the right officers.

Note: Having one or more special officers will greatly improve your chances to win!

-=Picking the Best Route=-
At the start of each sector, you will be given multiple paths to the exit (boss). 
Study the map to take the longest route that has the most shops, planet expeditions, 
and other points of interest. It is shown with a number in the diamond symbol.

The shops are very important for buying fuel but also a chance to buy rare or special 
commodities like officer, weapon or squadron. As a rule of thumb, try to have at 
least 9-10 N Fuel (buy out the fuel) to explore multiple systems with 4+ events and 
give out fuel during special events. Fuel Scavenging is random but can be useful if 
lucky. Also, planet expeditions with special officers can have a chance to find 3+ 

Before sending your squadrons, study the battlefield (asteroids give free protection) 
and what the enemy will send at you. This will allow you to pick the right counters 
(e.g. Fighters easily defeating drones) and deal with the enemy ship without taking 
too much damage. You need to play defense first and deal with their squadrons before 
attacking them.

When you reach the final sector, battles will get much harder when fighting against 
more squadrons and more powerful weapons. You will have battles where you lose all 
squadrons and have nothing to attack or defend with for couple seconds. I recommend 
equipping one of the weapon slots with a Tesla to be used as anti-squadron in the 
adjacent tiles next to your ship.

In most battles, you should be attacking the enemy's squadron tile to delay their 
spawns by overheating their system. If they have a hull-damaging weapon, you can 
alternate with targeting their weapons tile. The timing is very important with how 
you attack and disable the enemy ship. Once their current compartment is removed, 
all squadrons next to the enemy ship will be stunned. This will be the best time 
for your main weapons to fire and overheat their systems.

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