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  Hints and Tips for: CryoFall 
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 CryoFall Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Features Overview:
Written by AtomicTorch Studio

This page provides overview for all basic CryoFall features.

CryoFall features convenient inventory system where you can equip your character 
and manage your items.

Crafting it handled via recipe selection from multitude of different crafting 
stations allowing to separate recipes by a particular field (e.g. weapon crafting). 
This also makes choosing your technological progression (essentially a profession) 
more impactful.

You can construct multitude of different structures and building ranging from 
simple walls and doors to more complex structures such as lithium processing plant 
as displayed in the image here.

CryoFall features complex farming system with multitude of crops with different 
properties. You will need to water your crops and optionally use one of several 
fertilizers to increase the yield. You can later use your grown vegetables and 
fruits to cook.

Quests give you interesting objectives and serve as a simple tutorial to introduce 
you to the game. There are more than several dozens of quests so even if you are 
just starting out and don't have particular goals this could offer you interesting 
goals to pursue.

-=Character Skills
As you perform any meaningful activity in the game you will slowly unlock and 
advance skills in particular field. Skills are separated into several categories 
(e.g. combat, industrial, personal, etc.) and offer you additional bonuses and 
abilities in a given field.

-=Smelting & Manufacturing
Aside from simple crafting you can also use bigger industrial machines and 
structures to manufacture goods. This ranges from simple smelting of ores to 
produce ingots to advanced oil refineries and more.

-=Technology Progression
One of the key features of CryoFall is its technology system. You can unlock new 
technology groups separated into 5 tiers: primitive, industrial, modern, post-
modern, sci-fi. Each technology group holds a dozen or so recipes which you can 
also unlock offering you tremendous depth to choose a particular area of expertise 
and work together with other players to achieve mutual goals.

Even a trivial thing such as storing your item is rather deep in CryoFall offering 
you many different options ranging from simple chests to fridges to store food and 
display shelves for your important items.

-=Character Status Effects
CryoFall features complex character simulation system with several dozens of 
character status effect.

-=Land Claim System
To protect your base from raiders and griefers you can use a land claim system which 
will protect the area around your base from other people being able to build or 
deconstruct anything. However, by default CryoFall still features full loot system 
with possible raids by other players. If you would like to play in a more creative 
setting you can join one of available PVE servers where combat and raiding is disabled.

-=Lighting System
CryoFall features complex lighting system with multiple light sources, day and night 
cycle and special devices like night vision.

-=Medicine System
Complex medical system offers ample opportunities to use different special items 
either to heal your character or to receive special effects.

-=Coin Minting
To facilitate trade and economy players are able to mint their own coins which can 
then be used for traiding wither directly or with vending machines.

Any player that unlocked an appropriate technology group can access trading options 
and build their own fully automated trading stations allowing trading options even 
when the owner is not online.

CryoFall features multitude of different biomes ranging from temperate and tropical 
to boreal and desert areas.

-=Map Screen
You can track your exploration with a convenient map screen which shows your explored 
areas and locations of important landmarks (e.g. you base or a public trading station, etc.).

Additional Features:
-=Map Editor
You can also use provided map editor to create custom maps for your server.

-=Custom Servers
You can also host your own servers, use your own maps and add any number of mods!

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