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  Hints and Tips for: Crypto Mining Simulator 
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 Crypto Mining Simulator Cheats

Crypto Mining Simulator

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide (How to Get Started):
Are you having trouble starting in crypto mining simulator? well you came 
to the right place! here i will tell you all the bugs i have encountered 
and tell you how to work around them! which then on top of that i will 
tell you one of the best ways to start off!

-=Common bugs and problems, how to work around them.=-
The first problem you can come across is trying to connect a PCI to your 
mother board. to work around this problem you must have a rack instead of a 
case otherwise it would not show. This next glitch can happen and that is
 an OS glitch. . It can freeze but all you have to do is restart the game. 
Then what ends up happening is that if you have more then 2 racks and/or 
pcs everything can switch to those racks and pcs which can end up losing 
gpus. i recommend using only 1 kind of case or rack so this problem is not 
that big of an issue. When finishing the tutorial you need to sell a 
computer. a common problem is that you try to sell the pc and the game 
says “not enough Mh/s” you have to make sure you are under budget and if 
your good on that part you MUST have it running on your computer to you 
laptop and then make sure it is over ___ amount of Mh/s on your laptop.

-=How to get started=-
(Before reading this section i recommend reading the bugs/problems section 
first) The first things to buy is: x1 Motherboard TB-250 | x2 8 GB ram 
(recommend the Vegeance because its cheaper) | x1 I7-9700 | x1 1 ssd 64 GB 
| x1 Rig x18 GPU rig | x1 RX480 8GB | x2 PSU 1600W |. Now if you have bought 
these parts you can now construct you build. once you start getting more 
money i recommend filling the rack with RX480’s. which then I would buy more 
18 GPU rigs but really its all up to you at this point. BUT i MUST recommend 
using only one rack at a time. please do remember that the 18 GPU rack can 
hold 3 PSUs.

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