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 Crystal Hammer Cheats

Crystal Hammer

Cheat Codes:
During The First Level Hold Down The Right Mouse Button To Warp 
To Level 7.

Level Passwords:
Type the following codes in the Password entry menu to skip to 
the desired level 

Level       Password	
Level 3     VALHALLA
Level 4     WOTAN
Level 5     SHOWER
Level 6     CORE
Level 7     ENERGY
Level 8     NOISE
Level 9     FARM
Level 10    SKELETON
Level 11    PYRAMID
Level 12    PARTICLE
Level 13    MASTER
Level 14    DIVINE
Level 15    CREATION
Level 16    LIGHT
Level 17    FALKIRK
Level 18    ARMOR
Level 19    EVENT
Level 20    HORIZON
Level 21    GARBAGE
Level 22    MAGIC
Level 23    KNOWLEDGE
Level 24    WISDOM
Level 25    OGRE
Level 26    ETERNAL
Level 27    MAIDEN
Level 28    WARRIOR
Level 29    AIRCRAFT
Level 30    SPACE
Level 31    MACHINE
Level 32    MIGHT
Level 33    PLATFORM
Level 34    SAVANNA
Level 35    WATERHOLE
Level 36    MARBLES
Level 37    AMAZON
Level 38    LANTERN
Level 39    CONTROL
Level 40    ESCAPE
Level 41    JAIL
Level 42    JASPER
Level 43    ANGEL
Level 44    MONASTERY
Level 45    LANDSLIDE
Level 46    POETRY
Level 47    CONTACT
Level 48    TRAPDOOR
Level 49    ABODE
Level 50    EXODUS

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