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  Hints and Tips for: CS2D 
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 CS2D Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The console can be opened in the main menu with the “Console” button or 
with in-game with the console key (defined in your controls options menu). 
Alternatively you can use the in-game chat to execute console commands. 
Just add the prefix “/” before entering a command to do so.
autobuy     - Automatically tries to purchase the best items which are 
              available for your money.
bot_add     - Adds a bot to the team with less players.
kick        - Kick a certain player from the server. You can also state a 
              short reason for the kick if you want to.
fps         - Prints the current FPS value (frames per second) to the console.
              CS2D’s FPS are limited to 50.
kill        - Commit suicide.
weapon (ID) - Use/select a certain weapon by its name or by its ID. 
              Weapon and item IDs:
maps        - Show a list of maps in console.

setmoney [player (1-32): id of a player money (0-16000)]
Set the money of a player to a certain value (as server only). 
For Example: setmoney 1 16000

setarmor - Set the armor of a player (as server only).

player (1-32): id of a player
armor (0-255): armor
There is regular armor (0 - 200, decreases when the player is hit).
And special armor (201-206, stays until removed via script / 
nother armor type is assigned)

Special Armor Types:
201 - Light Armor
202 - Armor
203 - Heavy Armor
204 - Medic Armor
205 - Super Armor
206 - Stealth Suit

setmaxhealth - Set the health and maximum health of a player (as server only).

setammo - This command changes the amount of ammunition for a weapon. It works 
for weapons which are dropped on the ground or which are currently carried by a 
player. In case you want to change the ammo of a weapon carried by a player you 
have to specify the player and the weapon type. In case you want to change the 
ammo of a dropped weapon you have to specify its ID and the second parameter 
must be 0.

You can set the ammo which will be loaded in the weapon and spare ammo which 
can be reloaded. You can use 1000 as value to keep the actual ammo value 
unchanged (in case you only want to change one of the values). The ammo is 
restricted by the weapon attributes and will be limited automatically if you 
use values which are too high.

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