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  Hints and Tips for: Cuphead 
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 Cuphead Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ribby and Croak Guide:
Written by Kappa

The Ribby and croak boss fight is made up of 3 different, and challenging phases.

-=Phase #1=-
Ribby throws flaming punches and Croak shoots out insects on fire. There is 
actually an easier way to counter this than you might think. 

When Ribby starts to shoot punches at you, go to the far left corner and crouch. 
Make sure that you also jump over the low punches, but crouching makes it easier 
so that you don't have to jump over all 3. Use the "Peashooter" weapon when 
fighting Ribby here. Croak is a little bit easier. He starts to spit out insects 
that are on fire at you, have the "Spread" weapon equipped for this. 
By simply aiming upwards and at the frogs (by holding C) you should be able to 
take out the insects and end the first phase of the frogs depending on how much 
DPS you got on them. 

-=Phase #2=-
Ribby starts throwing discs at you while Croak blows you towards him.

For this phase, I would recomend using the "Peashooter" the entire time but you 
can use any other weapon you a comfortable with. The Peashooter was just the most 
effective for me. As Ribby starts to throw discs at you, hold down the shoot 
button and move left to right and right to left dodging the discs. Soon enough, 
the frogs should prepare for phase 3. This phase can be quickly finished if you 
can dodge the discs quick enough. 

-=Phase #3=-
Ribby and Croak combine, forming a giant slot machine. 
This is the most challenging phase, so get ready.

Whatever weapon you decide to use, make sure it does medium damage and has a 
medium-long range. As Ribby and Croak throw coins at you, dodge them and double 
jump onto the crank. Once you have activated the slot machine, 1 of 3 differnet 
obstacles will appear. Green pillars, Orange pillars, or red Pillars. Green pillars 
are the easiest in my opinion, just jump from one to the other spamming shots 
at the machine. Orange pillars are a bit more challenging, dont just focus on 
shooting, but more on the pillars. Time each one and jump through it at the pace 
you feel is the safest. Red pillars are somewhere in the middle when it comes to 
challenging in my opinion. They will shoot lightning out of one end which you are
able to see about 2-3 seconds before it zaps you. 
Obviously, get to the end which the lightning is NOT on.

After about 2-3 phases (maybe 4 depending on DPS) you will have beaten the boss. 
Good job! And good luck on future bosses.

Alternate endings:
Successfully complete the indicated task once you fight The Devil at the end of 
the game to unlock the corresponding ending:

-=Bad Cuphead ending=-
Start fighting The Devil, and agree to give him the Soul Contracts when asked 
during the opening cutscene. In this ending, both Cuphead and Mughead are seen 
having gone insane and are rotting in hell with The Devil.

-=Good Cuphead ending=-
Start fighting The Devil, but choose not to give him the Soul Contracts when 
asked during the opening cutscene. Then, defeat The Devil to view the "Good Cuphead"
ending. In this ending, you run home and tell everyone they are now safe. 
Everyone is happy in the ever after.

All hidden coin locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all seven hidden coins:

-=World 1: Inkwell Isle 1=-
1.Successfully complete the tutorial to get the first coin.
2.Defeat all the bosses in Inkwell Isle 1. 
  The Axeboy will then move aside and the second coin can be found in the trees.

-=World 2: Inkwell Isle 2=-
3.Go to the Aviary Action Boss stage, then go behind it. Move to your right to 
  locate a shortcut to the other side of the island. Take the shortcut and reach 
  to the Gingerbread Girl in front of Aviary Action to get the third coin.
4.You will meet a juggler near the Dragon's level. Complete his challenge 
  (parry four times before landing), then return to him to get the fourth coin.
5.Near the exit to Inkwell Isle 3 is a green shack with the fifth coin in front of it.

-=World 3: Inkwell Isle 3=-
6.Look behind the stand near the theatre to find the sixth coin.

7.Look behind the stairs outside the casino to find the final coin to the left 
  of the stairs.

2-Strip mode:
Talk to the fork standing outside the shop in Inkwell Isle 3 to get a hint about 
getting A's in the game. Get mostly "A" grades for all the Boss fights on the 
"Checklist" (a few "B" grades are acceptable). Then, talk to the fork again to 
unlock the "2-Strip" filter, which changes the display to a two strip limited 
color palette.

Parry Tips:
* Look for items in pink color, these are the one on which you can parry. Like 
  balloons or attacks by bosses like Bon Bon which releases a pink candy. Another 
  boss Floral Fury releases seeds in air, you can parry on pink ones to destroy 
  them before they hit the ground. 
* A is the default button to Jump in Cuphead, when you see any item with pink 
  glow or color, maintain a distance. Do not go near, this is also applicable 
  to enemies. Then perform the jump and land on it and then press the button 
  back again and again by controlling the movements. 
* If you are playing a multiplayer game, then you can use Parry to revive a 
  dead partner. You have to parry on the ghost of player.
* Any pink object can be used for this attack, this includes bullets, items, 
  enemies attack, etc. You have to keep a close watch on things coming up in 
  your path. So that when you get a chance you can jump above it and perform 
  Parry attack. 
* One of the major objectives of Parry attack is to fill your Super Meter that 
  you can see on the lower left of your screen. You can see the cards that are 
  building up when you perform the Parry. Once this is full you can perform 
  Super Art. A successful Parry rewards you one Full Card. 
* With the help of successful Parry attacks you get more and more chances to 
  use Ex Attacks and Super art. This means you can spend less time on bosses 
  and reach a higher score sooner. 
* Use Y when you are in Air to perform a Dash and B for performing EX Attack. 
  Controls are not a big issue here, you just have to ensure the right time to
  jump on the pink objects for others you can try about Dash or Ex attack if 
  you have atleast one card.
* Remember Parry attacks are essential to fill the Super Meter so avoid losing 
  any chances in your path and also there are many items that will help you 
  in this. So these are some tips you can try out in Cuphead.

Beppi the Clown Guide:
Written by Spooky Pepe

In this guide, I will show you and you will learn the best tactics to fight the 
world 2 boss, "Beppi the Clown". For most, this was a challenge.

In this boss fight, Beppi will have 3 different stages. One where he rams at you 
with a bumper car and you try to avoid it (while hitting floating ducks). The 
second stage consists of him Inflating into a giant balloon, and shooting smaller 
dog balloons at you while you try to dodge a roller coaster. After this, he will 
start to ride on a horse and throw horse-shoes at you. These can also be easily 
avoided. For his final stage, he will transform into a giant merry-go-round 
rollar coaster abomination and you neeed to try to hit him as many times as 
possible before the guys with the baseballs come out.

Now, what I said may be poorly punctuated and sound confusing, but the visial 
representation below should help you all out.

-=Phase #1=-
* For the first stage, the weapon I would recommend using is the "Tracer". 
  This can be helpful as you don't have to focus on dodging and shooting at the 
  same time. 
* For this stage all you really need to do it avoid the bumber car and shoot 
  the ducks. Don't forget to parry the pink ones!
* In this stage, you can tell when Beppi is about to run at you by him moving  
  his bumper car back slightly and a change in facial expression.
* Soon enough, you should have shot him enough times to kill him momentarily  
  for that stage and move on. Prepare for the rollar coaster!

-=Phase #2=-
* For this phase and the rest of the fight, I would recommend using the "Spread" 
  weapon, as it allows more shots and DPS on this boss, which will progress the 
  game quicker.
* During this fight, I would recommend staying in the middle of the floorboards 
  and getting a good rhythm down as you jump over the rollar coaster, and avoiding 
  the evil balloons as they come from below and above. 
* There will be pink dog balloons to parry, so watch out for those! 
  It will help down the road.
* Just aim upwards as much as possible to get this phase done and over with 
  as quickly as possible.

-=Phase #3=-
* This phase is easier than most, once you get the pattern down.
* Beppi will either come in on a gold horse or green. Green shoots horse-shoes 
  which will swing up and down, while the gold ones do a boomerang-sort of pattern. 
* An easy way to beat this phase it to go under Beppi and do as much DPS to him 
  as possible. This will speed up the process and eventually bring him into his 
  final form. 
* Sidenote: I would recommend at least 2 HP on this last phase, its hard! 

-=Phase #4 (Final Phase)=-
* For this final phase, I would recommend going right up to Beppi as soon as 
  possible and doing as much DPS to him before he starts to attack. 
  Use your super if you have it at this time as well. 
* He will then start to bring deadly roller coasters around you, so you need 
  to stay above, bouncing on the top while shooting at him constantly.
* After this, he will send out minions to shoot out baseballs. 
  The best way to avoid these is by going from one side of the screen to the 
  other constantly bouncing.
* After this, you should have beaten him.

How to Beat Goopy Le Grande:
Written by TETRO

This guide is to help you with Goopy le Grande (boss) in Cuphead.

-=Tips Before Fighting=-
Before fighting Goopy le Grande, I strongly recommend you purchase the smoke bomb 
from Porkrind's Emporium. This has saved me from so many possible deaths, and it 
makes the whole fight a lot easier. A shot upgrade would help, but I managed to 
beat him with only the default shot, so an upgrade isn't required. 
With that said, let's get into the guide.

-=Phase One=-
Phase One of the Goop le Grande boss fight is rather simple. When he jumps, you 
can just run away from him so that he doesn't land on top of you, but I use the 
dash to get past him. Again, the smoke bomb upgrade is always a good idea. 
As I said it has saved me a lot of times. Even in the first phase. Sometimes 
Goopy turns into a giant, blue boxing glove. I previously thought you had to run
from this attack, but it turns out it's much easier. All you have to do is duck. 
Don't try to dash through this attack. Even with the smoke bomb. Trust me.

-=Phase Two=-
Before Goopy trasforms into his second phase, 3 question marks appear around him. 
You can parry these. This is your only chance to parry in the whole boss fight, 
so make sure you do it if you want to improve your grade or refill your cards 

in phase two, Goopy grows to be much larger thus making his hops harder to avoid. 
Running under him won't work as well in Goopy's second phase. You will probably 
need to use the dash. I usually run a third of the way under Goopy, then dash 
under the rust of him. Keep using this method and you should almost be OK with 
phase two. Much like phase one, Goopy has a boxing glove attack. This time he
 has a red glove on his hand. When Goopy's glove appears, you have a few seconds 
to take action. As soon as you see his glove appear, instantly duck down. 
Then when he starts jumping around again you can continue with the battle.

-=Phase Three=-
In this phase Goopy's gravestone will try to flatten you. Try not to get too 
excited when you reach this stage, as it will only make you less likely to 
succeed. The stage is simple just follow the gravestone as it goes from one 
side of the screen to the other. When the gravestone stops and leans back 
quickly dash away from it. Running also works (sometimes), but it's best to 
escape it's attack as fast as possible. All you have to do now is repeat this. 
Until you see that highly relieving message on screen that says 'A Knockout', 
then boom! You have defeated Goopy le Grande.

2-Strip Mode:
Beat all bosses in S Ranking to unlock 2-Strip Mode.

How to Beat Dr. Kahl's Robot:
Written by TETRO

-=Tips Before Fighting=-
Since there are so many projectiles and enemies on screen to dodge at once in 
this battle, I recommend using the heart or twin heart charm. This will weaken 
your attack power, but it's worth it for a win against the boss.With that said, 
let's get into the guide!

-=Phase One=-
This boss is a little bit different from the others. Instead of damaging the boss 
completely, there are 3 different parts you must destroy. The top of his head has 
a giant laser, his chest releases a gate, which has to be parried, and his stomach 
releases little airships. Take down the laser first. When the laser fires, move 
down to his chest and shoot that area until the laser turns off. Once both the 
laser and chest areas are down, move down to destroy the final area. Be aware 
that the airships can still come out, so move away and switch to the bomb attack 
when they come. After all areas have been destroyed, a heart will pop out of the 
robot's chest. The heart is the only place you can hit. Try to dodge all the 
projectiles on screen, while landing as many hits as possible on the heart. 
Eventually, the heart will be destroyed.

-=Phase Two=-
This phase is rather short. In this phase, the robot's head pops out of the body 
and starts flying about the screen. When you have the chance, go in front of the 
robot's head and land as many hits as possible, or you could use the bomb attack. 
Either one works. Try to stay away from the ends of the screen, as an enemy could 
pop out and damage you.

-=Final Phase=-
This is the phase that a lot of people struggle with. In this phase, you have to 
fight Dr Kahl (and the robot's head), while he shoots out projectiles from his 
crystal. You also must pass through electric gates before they close. When the 
projectiles start to come, focus on dodging, not on shooting. Don't be afraid 
to turn small in this part, as it helps a lot in this phase. During the break 
between his crystal shots, use your supers and try to land as many hits as you 
can, as the breaks aren't long in this battle. Keep repeating this, and you 
should eventually beat him.

Beppi the Clown Glitch:
If Beppi takes too much damage (i.e. spamming the Lobber Roundabout switch on 
him) and beat him in the first phase, he gets knocked out immediately right 
after the phase two transition but the balloon dogs will still spawn and he 
will stay there until the end.

Secret boss fights:
After downloading the 1.2 Update, complete the indicated task to fight the 
corresponding secret boss:

Secret Boss 1 - Little Radish (The Root Pack): Go to Isle 1 and fight The Root Pack. 
During the battle, defeat the Potato but do not attack the Onion that appears after him. 
After a certain amount of time has passed, a Radish will instead appear. The Radish will 
appear with the Carrot for the final round.

Secret Boss 2 - Puppet Cuphead (Djimmi The Great): Go to Isle 2 and fight Djimmi The 
Great. Once you reach the third round, transform your airplane into the smallest form. 
Djimmi will reveal a Puppet Cuphead that fights alongside him in the end of the fight.

Secret Boss 3 - Sally's Sweetheart (Sally Stageplay): Go to Isle 3 and fight Sally 
Stageplay. During the first round, parry off the heart-kisses to jump onto the cherub 
angel platforms on the left/right corners of the arena. Stand on the cherub until you 
hear a cracking sound effect. Then, stand on the opposite cherub angel, and both 
platforms will collapse. The stage will collapse and crush Sally's paramour in the 
background. He will now appear in the final phase of the fight as a blue angel, 
helping her with attacks of his own.

Ribby and Croaks Guide:
Written by theohopson2010

A complete guide to Ribby and Croaks!

Guide to Ribby and Croaks

You should have the Heart, Peashooter, Super Art 1, and Chaser equipped. The Chaser 
is pretty much useless, but you could use it on the fireflies. Never stop firing!

-=Phase 1=-
This phase is pretty easy. Croaks will fire fireflies, you must shoot them or they 
will damage you.

Ribby will fire Hadoukens at you. Go to the bottom left and duck. Only jump over the 
bottom Hadoukens. Do not use super moves. Keep firing and you will get to phase 2!

-=Phase 2=-
When Ribby starts to crouch down, you have officially survived to their second phase! 
Ribby will start to roll towards you. Jump right after he starts moving! After that, 
Croaks will turn into a fan. He will blow you towards Ribby. Ribby will also clap, 
summoning balls that will bounce. Run towards Croaks, but don't actually touch him. 
If a ball is coming towards you, run to Ribby but don't actually touch him. Repeat. 
Keep firing, don't use super moves (or arts) until you get to phase 3!

-=Final Phase=-
When Croaks opens his mouth, you have survived to Ribby and Croaks's final phase! 
Ribby will roll into Croaks's mouth. They will turn into a slot machine! Jump to 
dodge the coins. Parry on the arm.

When he opens his eyes, you can attack him. Use super art 1. You will get different 
attacks depending on witch animal you roll. Frogs-platforms. Jump on them. 
This is the easiest attack.

Bull-lasers. Some lasers will shoot up, some down. Stay on the ground, only jump when 
you need to. Tigers-bouncing balls. Chips will shoot out, balls bouncing in them. 
Jump or dash/jump over them when they peak. Keep shooting (and using super moves) 
and they will die!

Beppi the Clown Glitch:
If Beppi takes too much damage (i.e. spamming the Lobber Roundabout switch on him) 
and beat him in the first phase, he gets knocked out immediately right after the 
phase two transition but the balloon dogs will still spawn and he will stay there 
until the end.

Cagney carnation (flower) freeze:
In the first isle, you will come across cagney carnation which is the last boss you 
will take on. When he is about to launch his seeds, you have to quickly dash into 
his seeds (you will take damage so you won't get a perfect score) then go back on 
the platform then cagney carnation will be frozen in that state where you can then 
easily take him out without any problems.

Double Lives:
Walking at any island, rotate the joystick anti-clockwise until the Genie appears 
and grants your character double energy. However, it is only valid in EASY and 
NORMAL modes and only 3x per profile.

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