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  Hints and Tips for: Cycling Manager 4 
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 Cycling Manager 4 Cheats

Cycling Manager 4

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

* Do a lot of training camps. A hill-training camp for 10 days will improve your riders
  hill ability with up to five points. Leisure training camps will give your rider up to 
  +10 race points.
* During the race, use your proviant wisely. If your green bar's almost full and your 
  white bar's emptying out, using some of your food will make the white bar rise. Use this!
  You don't want to run out of the white bar.
* If you manage a team with $4.000.000+, don't be afraid to buy riders in the start of the
  season. if you bid in on 100 riders, the teams will accept on about ten and about four 
  will agree to a contract. Buying a rider only costs between $50.000-200.000, so it's a 
  great way to improve your team.
* I like to ride almost every race of the season. In most of them, I only have one, two 
  or three riders in. This way, I'll make tons of money and gain a lot of points for 
  various rankings but not run out of race points. 

Almost every breakaway in the flat stages will be eliminated with between 20 and 50 km to 
go. So don't take your chances on them. Insted, wait until there's about 25 km left, then 
put your rider on 99%INDEPENDENT EFFORT (the dot), and he'll easily break loose of the 
peleton. This might only work with riders with 70+ flat ability. 

In hilly stages and mountain stages, your best shot is definitely a breakaway. Put all 
of your riders in the first breakaway. The more riders with 70+ in hill/mountain ability 
the better. Rely on the other riders in the breakaway to take leads the first half of the 
stage, use your own riders in the rest. Most of the times, you'll have such a big gap to 
the peleton by the time the favourites begin attacking, that you can win with even riders 
with only 70-75 mountain ability.
If you're in a tough spot with weak riders, choose your strongest rider as a complete captain. 
Make the rest of the team work all day long without him moving a finger until the last 20 km. 

The key to winning a classics is to attack early, before the favourites. A lot of times, 
a breakaway from 60 km, 80 km, maybe even 100 km out, with a lot of the next-best riders 
in the peleton, will win the race. For example, if you're in Liege-Bastogne-Liege and your 
captain's J.Flecha (hill ability: 76), you won't stand a chance against a rider like 
P.Bettinni (hill ability: 85) when he starts attacking with aprox. 30 kms left. 
Therefore it's crucial to attack early out. Don't take any leads in your breakaway. 
Wait until he finish line's close enough till you can ride there on your own, and then 
break free of the group using 99%INDEPENDENT EFFORT.

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