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  Hints and Tips for: Daemon X Machina 
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 Daemon X Machina Cheats

Daemon X Machina

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Some Useful Tips:
Written by Scourge

Just things that I found out way too late, and which would've been helpful 
hours ago, and which I hope will prove helpful to others.

-=Getting Out of Your Arsenal=-
While running the missions where you explore the facility you might have come 
across doors that are not fully open and where your Arsenal can't fit through. 
Disembark your mech by pressing the Y Button on your controller.

-=Getting Attachment Chips=-
DId you know that you can remove Attachment chips from various equipment items 
and then use them on your own? I did not. So go ahead, remove all the chips and 
then sell your junk.

-=Getting Some Starter Equipment=-
You just started the game, but all of your equipment sucks?

You can run the 'Explore the Underground facility' mission solo rather easily 
for some good equipment at the beginning of the game.

Also when fighting immortals in Free Missions will there always be a downed 
Arsenal spawned with some equipment you can pillage. Its good for farming if 
you can take them down.

-=chanics Tips=-
The game doesnt explain any of these mechanics. 

* You can perform a barrel roll in the air or a 900 degrees strafing spin 
  on the ground. 
* When you are going maximum velocity in one direction then quickly change 
  to the opposite direction. 
* If you have grim reapers or the sub machine guns equipped you can fire while 
  the animation happens or just before and you do a spin attack firing in all 
  directions, not sure how efficient it is but is sure looks cool for style 
* You can also feint with swords by boosting in any direction while you do 
  the initial sword lunge. 
* Also you do not have to press the descend button to actually descend you 
  can just aim downward and you will go down same as ascending, just aim up. 
* You can also avoid the landing animation by aiming perpendicular to the 
  ground as you descend then boost into it, if done right you will carry 
  on boosting along the floor.

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