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  Hints and Tips for: Dark Deception 
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 Dark Deception Cheats

Dark Deception

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Secret File Locations (Monkeying around with Murder Monkeys):
Written by StarSpell77

Secret locations in the first maze of the game.

-=Secret #1=-
To find this secret you want to head out the wooden plank area straight 
across from the elevator.

From there you want to head foward until you reach a Left which you should 
then take.

Afterwards its just a simple job of hanging another Left and then one more 
Right, after that just Follow down that hall.

The door should look like the image provided and have no number plate, just 
walk in and grab that cool, crisp, confidential file which will net you an 
extra on the main menu.

-=Secret #2=-
This one is a little bit trickier with the directions.

First off you want to take the right out of the starting area, breaking 
those boards.

Next take the 2nd right that you see down that hallway. Afterwards you want 
to take a Double Left, Double Right. (Double meaning a left then another left, 
or right then another right when possible).

Finally take a Left followed by Three Rights, the last right should be a right 
into a door, that door opens to the secret.

Grab that sweet, succulent, papyrus folder and celebrate, heck why not let 
those monkeys celebrate with you! 
You don't need to win to keep the secrets anyways!

-=Bonus Spook=-
Some doors may have a shiny veil covering their door knob, or no number 
plate on them at all. 

Some of these doors contain monkeys just trying to pump out their youtube 
content but get interupted by your screams of pain and bloody murder, or 
waiting for their date who most likely stood them up, causing them to pop 
their heads out.

1 like equals 1 less monkey stood up by their date.

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