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  Hints and Tips for: Dark Quest 2 
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 Dark Quest 2 Cheats

Dark Quest 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
Written by Knolle

The castle and its dungeons hold many dangers. 
Here are some tips to help you survive!

* Make sure you explore all rooms and get all the magic pots from a quest. 
  After killing the last monster you'll get a bonus pot.

* If you can't beat a level, consider doing a different one or even redo 
  a quest to get gold and pots. Content from the workshop is also suitable 
  for this purpose. You can also create simple levels with the editor. 

* However, you should be aware that the difficulty level of a quest 
  increases after each successful run. This is not the case when you are 
  playing adventures from the workshop. 

* Try to unlock the bonus level as it will give you lots of goodies. 

* Craft a platemail and give it to the dwarf or barbarian. A dwarf with 
  platemail is very hard to take down in melee. 

* Take out dangerous enemies first, warlocks and assassinís in particular 
  need to die immediately. The barbarian axe can be useful for that. 

* Put your heroes in good positions. Enemies will always attack the closest
  hero. e.g. If you are facing 2 warlocks and your barbarian has low health,
  put the wizard close to them so he can absorb the magic attacks with his 
  shields. Then use the barbarian to kill the nearest and the wizard to 
  finish the second one. 
* Try to unlock the Dark Monk and level him up, he is a very powerful hero. 
* Artifacts will make your life a lot easier as there are a lot of different 
  strategies you can take. 
* When facing lots of enemies, you will need strong AOE such as firewall, 
  inferno and lighting bolt. 
* In some situations it can be useful to leave the room and enter it again.
  For example, the archer has a reflex attack, which takes place before all
  other actions and can be triggered when entering a room. 
* But you should keep in mind that the enemies have IMMEDIATELY the 
  initiative if the heroes enter the room again.
* The dwarf with the find gold skill and his high perception can yield a 
  lot of extra gold with each quest. 
* Travel boots on the barbarian can give you enough walk range to attack 
  almost anyone in the room. 
* A visit to the brothel can be worthwhile and make the next quest easier. 
  For 150 gold pieces, heroes can receive a bonus on magic resistance, hit 
  points or attack. This bonus holds for the next map and is randomly 
* It is recommended to cast a heal or group heal spell if possible before 
  leaving a dungeon. This can make a rest in the tavern unnecessary. 
* Right click on an opponent to get an overview of their characteristics.
  Take a look at them to learn more about your opponents. In some quests 
  it is important to take a look at the type of damage. Even if some 
  enemies' attack animation looks like a common melee attack, the type 
  of damage can be chaos. This means that the hero has no way to block 
  this damage and you have to consider an alternative strategy.

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