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  Hints and Tips for: Dark Souls Remastered 
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 Dark Souls Remastered Cheats

Dark Souls Remastered

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* Learn to parry. Get comfortable with the engine and youíl be able to press LT 
at just the right time. A certain sound effect will pop up and thatís when you 
press RB and do really good damage. Basically any humanoid enemy can be parried. 
When mastered, even the black knights are nothing to be afraid of.

* Level up. In this game, normal enemies never run out of respawns. Since the 
currency you get from killing enemies is used to level up and make your character 
more pwerful, you can always just grind enemies until youíre powerful enough to 
gewt through a difficult area. Itís not the most skillful tactic, but hey. 
You get to play however you

* Farm humanity. This item is GOD. It gives you a full heal and can be used to 
upgrade your estus. One is used to make yourself human, and then you can kindle 
the bonfire. You can kindle a bonfire up to three times after you kill the boss 
pinwheel. Until then the most estus you can have is 10 (unless the bonfire in the 
area youíre in is kindled online by another player, that grants you 1 extra estus). 
You can get humanity from rats, which are plentiful in the depths. 
The item is extra easy to find in the last area of the dlc.

* Learn to dodge. The dodge button is everything. What kind of dodge you do 
depends on your armor and your equip load. The best dodge is when you have little 
armor on. Dodging allows you to go through most enemy attacks, and then you can 
follow up your dodge with a special dodge attack. Itís great. When an attack 
just canít be blocked or you just canít tank it, dodge it.

* Magic. If youíre having an extra hard time in the game, give a sorcery build 
a try. Sorceries do really high damage and are relatively easy to come across, 
just find the NPCs. Again, itís not very skilled, but again you get to play the 
way you want. Pyromancies and miracles are also very good, but they have some 

* Learn the gameís tricks and mechanics. Dark souls is a tricky game. Each area 
gives you a new way to be difficult. Donít be afraid to look up online for help. 
The game throws things you wonít expect at you, so stay on your guard and be 

-=PvP Tips & Tricks=-
Unless youíre level 300+, you canít be an all-rounded character, choose what 
you want your build to focus on as early as you can, youíll be able to spend 
not only your souls, but also your titanite on the gear you want to use.

No matter what build you choose, if youíre new to the game, youíll NEED to 
put lots of levels into vitality, as this is what determines how much HP you 
have, as youíll want to be able to survive PvE as well. Once you get a bit 
more experienced with the mechanics and the level layouts, you can try a 
second or third playthrough with less HP, but youíll want to be a big damage 
sponge until then.
Invasions can be scary, scary for both the host and the invader, this is 
especially true if youíre new to the game, impassable fog walls will appear 
and you hear that dreaded sound, but itís not all bad.

First of all, donít try and run away, this will just show the invader that 
youíre afraid, and this will make them much more aggressive; face the invader, 
and even bow if youíre far away enough, most invaders are only after a fight, 
and if you give them one, youíll both have a fun time fighting.

If both of you bow, you are now duelling, and there are a few unspoken rules 
when duelling, these include:

* No drinking Estus Flasks
* No phantoms can join in and help you
* No cheesing (chain backstabs, parry spamming, etc. etc.)

Thereís no harm in not obeying the rules, itís just that if you do, your fights 
will be a lot cleaner and wonít be as frustrating for either of you.

-=PvP Covenants=-

Youíll see some strange summon signs on the floor sometimes, big grey eyes, and 
huge, white ones that glow black, these are summon signs for two of the PvP 
covenants, so keep in mind that the only phantoms who are helpful are the white 
summon signs, and the Sunbro summon signs.

Although, if youíre looking for PvP experience, the grey eye ones are a good idea, 
as the phantom will come, youíll fight, and then the phantom will leave, just like 
an invasion, however you get to decide when and where you fight, and theyíre completely 

There are a few tricks that you can try out on the NPC enemies, like hollows, these include:

Backstabs: Make sure you are NOT blocking, walk behind an enemy and light attack.

Parry: Press the Left Trigger (on an XB360 controller) when an enemy is about to attack, 
this can take some practice to get the hang of, but itís very useful once youíve got the
 hang of it.

Riposte: Light attack after the enemy is stunned from a parry for massive damage.

Rolling: Press B (on the XB360 controller) to roll away, you can go forwards, backwards, 
left or right (however you can roll at whatever angle you want if you stop locking onto 
an enemy), youíll also get a few invincibility frames if you time it right.*

*The lighter gear you use, the faster you will roll, and the more invincibility frames 
youíll get, the more you practise with rolling, the lighter the armour youíll need, 
some people even PvP with no armour whatsoever.

Fix Game Crashing to Desktop:
Follow these simple steps;

* Go to your nvidia settings, go to ďchange resolutionĒ and create a custom resolution. 
* Set the refresh rate here to 60 (1920◊1080 and 60hz).
* Make sure that the "darksouls.ini" file has the refresh rate set to 60.
* You can access the ini file in;
* C:\Users\YourUSERNAME\AppData\Local\FromSoftware\NBGI\DarkSouls

Pure Dexterity PvP Character Build:
This Soul-level 122 build focuses on speed and evasion. Here are the stats:

* Dexterity: 45
* Endurance: 48
* Vitality: 45
* Strength: 20

Putting 20 into your STR stat will let you wield a fair amount of Dark SoulsĎ weapons, 
effectively giving you a few extra choices for this build. Youíll want to wield something 
like the Balder Side Sword or the Uchigatana (which also provides good bleed damage). 
Alternatively, you could also wield Great Scythe, which surprisingly very powerful for 
DEX builds.

If you want to go ranged, choose either the Longbow or the Black Bow of Pharis.

Since Dexterity doesnít necessarily affect armor, you can theoretically where whatever 
armor you like as long as you can roll quickly and have enough STR. However, to be fast 
and light while also having a good defense rating, equip the Elite Knight Armor, Elite 
Knights Gauntlets, Chain Helm, and Chain Leggings. All of these give you good poise to 
weight ratios. Alternatively, you could swap some of these light armor pieces out for 
medium armor pieces if you increase END and STR or wear Havelís Ring.

Use the Grass Crest Shield to take advantage of its Stamina regen, which works whether 
youíre wielding it or if itís on your back.

Pure Sorcery/Magic PvP Character Build:
There are several ways to go about making a Sorcerer in Dark Souls: Remastered. 
Here, weíll focus mostly on using increasing INT and ATT to cast more spells faster.

Here are the stats:

* Intelligence: 45
* Attunement: 50
* Dexterity: 45
* Strength: 16
* Vitality: 15
* Endurance: 15

For this Soul-level 124 build, youíll need enough STR to wield a decent weapon just 
in case you need to engage in melee combat. However, putting 16 points into Strength 
will aloow you to wield the Moonlight Greatsword. This swordís damage scales with your 
INT rating, so itís perfect to have for this build. In your primary hand, youíll want 
to wield either Loganís Catalyst or the Crystal Catalyst.

On the armor front, youíll want to wear the Crown of Dusk and the Dragoncrest Ringbecause
 both increase your damage. For light armor, go for the Xanthous Set. For medium armor, 
equip Havelís Ring and wear either Ornsteinís Armor or the Eastern Armor with either the 
greaves and the leggings of the Xanthous Set or those of the Chain Set. Just be wary that 
those two cuirasses decrease stamina regen.

How to Get Havel's Ring:
Written by Vuzenshi

A simple and easy to follow three step guide on how to easily defeat Havel and obtain 
Havel's Ring.

-=What You Need=-
Do I Need the Master Key?

Yes, you will require the Master Key as your Starting Gift to make proper use of this 
technique. Though you can use the technique later in the game, it becomes inefficient 
once you have a strong weapon, and/or have got gud.

-=Will I Need a Strong Weapon?=-
No, all you need to do is know how to Roll. No I don't mean Reverse Roll, I mean all
 you literally need to know is how to press the 'B' button on your controller... 
Or the 'O' button if you use a DualShock... If you use a Keyboard you're screwed though.

Havel's Ring & Significant Info

-=What Does It Do?=-
Everything you need it to, my son.

Boosts Maximum Equipload by 50%
Makes You a Massive Legend

-=Can I Fudge This Up?=-
This guide has a 99.9% Success Rate, Havel's Ring almost guaranteed!

Killing Havel at the same time he kills you will cause the ring to go away.

-=How to Get=
Step #1
Once you are outside the building where the Taurus Demon boss is you will see a door 
right in front of you, use the Master Key to unlock the door and there should be three 
floors below the one you are on now that you can now access, two of which are empty, 
and the third (the bottom floor) being where Havel is located.

Step #2
Now make your way down first the two floors so that you are just one floor away from 
Havel, now is the time to make sure you can Fast Roll, you should do this to make the 
technique easier for yourself, because the last thing you want is to be Fat Rolling 
out of a Dragon Tooth, especially when you're a low level because you would die 
regardless of your armor rating.

Step #3
Once you have Havel's aggro you want to wait at the top of the stairs (of any floor 
in the basement) until he is close enough to ready his swing. When he starts to swing
his Dragon Tooth at you, you need to roll off the top of the stairs. If done successfully 
he will follow you off the stairs, where he will hit the ground and take fall damage. 
Now run back up to the top of the staircase and repeat 10 times until he dies.

Duplicating souls:
When performing a Riposte or Backstab, enter your inventory. The next part must be 
done quickly -- so it is recommended that you reorganize your inventory to have your 
first two slots be your Estus Flask and any boss soul. Select and use a boss soul, 
then quickly go back into your inventory and select your flask. Select "Use" once it 
appears. Select "Yes" when the confirmation box appears. This will show the animation 
of using the boss soul, but will consume a flask charge -- you will also get the souls 
from the boss soul. Additionally, this can be done with Firekeeper souls, giving you 
full health and 5 humanity. This can also be performed with an empty flask, allowing 
you to heal without using a Firekeeper soul.

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