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  Hints and Tips for: Darksburg 
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 Darksburg Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Artifact Abilities Guide:
Written by Elegant Caveman

Here you can find artifact abilities by level.

Reference list of each artifact's four levels of abilities. Nothing more, nothing less.

Info taken from what's displayed ingame when you mouse-over.

-=Banner of Fortitude=-
A blue banner that comforts those around, making them more resilient.

* Considerably increases the defense of all Survivors within range.
* Radius increased by 50%.
* Effects increased by 50%.
* Effects persist for 4s after leaving the banner's area of effect.

-=Banner of Valor=-
A crimson banner that inspires those around, making them more combative.

Considerably increases the attack speed and power of Survivors within range.
* Radius increased by 50%.
* Effects increased by 50%.
* Effects persist for 4s after leaving the banner's area of effect.

-=Frag' Bomb=-
A small exploding device used in skirmishes.

* Explodes on impact and disperses smaller bombs over a large area.
* Cooldown reduced by 50%.
* All damage increased by 100%.
* Number of fragments increased by 100% and fragment flight range increased by 50%.

-=Phosphorus Canister=-
A small cylindric canister filled with a phosphorus-based solution.

* Explodes on impact and temporarily stuns enemies.
* Targets' move and attack speed is reduced by 50% for 4s.
* Explosion radius increased by 100%.
* Cooldown reduced by 50%.

-=Seven-league Boots=-
Enchanted boots that are said to allow their wearer to move at a supernatural speed.

* Breaks any rooting effect and moves instantly to the targeted location.
* Increases move speed by 100% for 1s.
* Range increased by 100%.
* Cooldown reduced by 50%.

-=Statuette of the Shroud=-
A statuette representing a mysterious, legendary icon named "The Shroud" believed 
to grant protection.

* Grants complete invincibility for a very short amount of time.
* Defense is increased by 50% for 3s after invulnerability ends.
* Duration of invulnerability increased by 100%.
* The statuette now affects all Survivors.

-=Timewarping Gyroscope=-
A weird device that seems to warp time around the user.

* Instantly refreshes all abilities' cooldowns.
* Grants a 50% cooldown acceleration for 5s.
* Cooldown reduced by 33%.
* The gyroscope now affects all Survivors.

-=Vitriol Orb=-
A thrown spherical casing containing acid designed to splash surfaces and corrode defenses.

* Deals damage over a short period of time and reduces the enemies' resistance drastically.
* Duration of effects increased by 100%.
* Resistance reduction increased by 100%.
* Radius increased by 50%.

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