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  Hints and Tips for: DARQ 
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 DARQ Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Dream Journal Pages:
Use this to find all the Dream Journal Pages make sure to beat the game after 
you get the pages to get the final achievement for 100%.

-=Chapter One=-
Before you get the 3rd gear make sure to go to the ceiling and follow the path 
to the right in this puzzle room.
-=Chapter Two=-
After you put the “T” in the slot and activate the switch have the wall so you 
can go on the ceiling and follow the path.

-=Chapter Three=-
After you put all the arms in place it’s towards the end instead of ending the 
level going the normal way ( right) flip it so you’re going to the left.

-=Chapter Four=-
Solve the level when you are at the screen use the lever go back once and then 
follow the path to the left.

-=Chapter Five=-
Solve the maze make sure the door is closed to the right and go to the ceiling 
and follow the path.

-=Chapter Six=-
At the room where you find the guy looking around from time to time before you 
enter the room use the right wall to get to the ceiling and follow the path.

Tower Runner Achievements tips:
By [1Z]Douglas

Hey folks, this is some tips for the Tower Runner Achievement. I did have quite some 
trouble getting it, but if I managed to get (I suck at speedruns, you can do this as 

Before we start, there are some tips that helped me get it. always run, even during 
short distances. Also, be always read to press the ‘action’ key as the character 
starts the animation as soon he’s closes to the thing you want to get or activate.

-=Step by step – Tower Runner=-
1.As soon the game loads, press the red button, go to the left all the way and get 
your first (Severed Head 1) . On your way back, before wall walk, press the red 
button again, so you’re in the “normal” world. Walk past the button few steps and 
lift the bridge. Use the red button again, wall walk so you’re right where you 
started, but with a bridge to continue in the “normal” world.

2.Pass past the elevator and go straight to right and use the wall walk ability to 
get the belt. Don’t worry about the head now.

3.Use the belt on the wheel and go up to the 5th floor. Here, you want to solve the 
piramid puzzle as fast as you can (using the same moves you used to get the related 
achievement). Get you second (Severed Head 2).

4.On your way back to the elevator, use the switch to lift up a door from the floor 
below. Quick go to the elevator, before the door closes again and go the the right, 
on the 4th floor. Get the cord 1 and a crank.

5.Go back to the elevator and to the second floor. On the right side, use the crank 
to open a door and get a skull block.

6.Back to the elevator, go up to the 4th floor. There, on the left side, you want to 
solve the puzzle following this order: left top corner, left bottom corner, right 
bottom corner and right top corner. Get your third (Severed Head 3).

7.Go up to the fifth floor once again and all the way to the left side. Use the red 
button, wall walk, use it again and step on the key button first. Then use the red 
button, wall walk, use it again and step on the cross and eye button, in this order. 
Place the skull block you got before, step on it then use the red button to wall walk 
once again. Press the red button again and step on the last button. Get the cord 2. 
Turn back, press the red button, wall walk, press one last time and go to the elevator.
8.Go to the third floor, use the cords to be able to use the lever in front of you. 
This “puzzle” just requires you to get the box using the magnet and place it on the 
numbered buttons. (the orders doesn’t matter as far I can tell, but I find it faster 
if you start from 123, and from here, make a square with the box, ending with the 
button 13). Move the box through the hole you just opened and drop it. 
Go back to the start of the floor, use the lever to drop the box and go down to the 
second floor and to the left.

9.This is going to be your last head required. Your very own head. Use the guillotine 
to cut your head off. Get it and with no time to lose, go to the first floor. 
Put the heads in place and activate the lever. Pass through the hole.


1.From my experience, the time is very strict, so you don’t want to lose time 
  solving puzzles and wanna do them perfectly. I ended the level with 10 seconds 
  left and doing 0 mistakes.
2.I created this guide after getting the achievement, and with the things I remember 
  from it. If you find any mistake or wanna add any suggestion to make it faster, 
  feel free to do so.

3.I’ll eventually be adding images to make it better to understand. 
  And hopefully, a video as well.

Thanks for reading, and if this was useful for you, feel free to rate and comment. 
Your feedback is very important. Good achievement hunting everyone!

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