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  Hints and Tips for: David Leadbette's Golf 
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 David Leadbette's Golf Cheats

David Leadbette's Golf


1 - Ballybrook - Hole 18 (Par 5) 'Birchwood Corner':
This is one of the hardest par five on any of the six courses
so don't worry if it takes you some time to make par.

First shot:
The fairway makes a dog-leg so use the far right tee 
position to straighten out the angle. Don't be afraid to 
drive over the wood but make sure you tee up on the top 
position to gain enough height. Follow this advice and 
you should be in a good position far enough down the fairway 
to be tempted by the green for your second shot.

Second shot:
If you have anything other than a perfect lie be content 
with a short pitch to near the edge of the brook. From a 
good or fluffy lie you will be able to use a three wood 
to play to the right of the bunkers guarding the green. 
Be sure to pitch accurately onto the green because it's 
large and has very difficult contours.

2 - St Augustine - Hole 9 (par 3) 'Devil's Green':
Fourtunately unless you're a scratch player you'll be 
playing off the front tee which is a good 30 yards 
forward and gives you a clearer view of the green.
Make sure you don't underclub and flirt with the 
brook and target the right side of the green because 
the steep slopes funnel the ball to the left. Don't worry
if you end up off the back but try to pitch accurately 
otherwise you'll be three-putting.

3 - Buckland Heath - Hole 16 (par 4) 'Devil's Putt':
The fast sloping left-to-right green dictates the strategy 
for this hole. Target the right-hand edge of the fairway 
beyond the bunker so that you're able to play onto the green. 
Aim directly at the flag and use a slightly under-powered 
pitching wedge - you should end up pinhigh but slightly 
beneath the cip for an easy birdie putt.

4 - Fenham Valley - Hole 18 (par 5) 'Jacob's Lake':

First shot:
The big lake looks threatening but keep your cool and 
raise your tee and it's easy to clear. You should pitch 
over to the left-hand side of the fairway to give a good 
view of the green.

Second shot:
For the brave a three wood over the trees and risking 
the bunkers is possible but the green is very small. 
Always check the green before your shot to see if the 
flag is on the closer tier or the lower back tier. It's 
best to playa long iron short of the bunkers and then 
pitch accurately to the pin.

5 - Mountsummer Pont - Hole (par 5) 'Old Lumpy':

First shot:
This is the links course and the fairways tend to be 
very bumpy. This fairway kicks balls to the left so 
aim for the extreme right hand edge and hit a driver
with some overswing to make good distance. 
Hopefully you're left a second shot >from the centre of 
the fairway - if you end up too far to the left then you
have an awful approach over tall trees and a deep pot bunker.

Second shot:
Anywhere on this course you should watch out for sloping 
lines which make your stance more awkward and mean you 
can't hit the ball so hard. Always check the power curve 
on the swingometer first. Here you're likely to be on an 
upslope so take more club - a three wood perhaps - and 
aim for the right-hand edge of the green.

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