Daycare Nightmare Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Daycare Nightmare 
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 Daycare Nightmare Cheats

Daycare Nightmare

- When you take in babies, count them. You want at least 4 babies who 
  are of the following types: ghost, dragon, or cyclops. As soon as 
  you have 4 of those, ignore the door. Tend to them religiously and 
  you shouldn’t have any problems getting 5x purple halos for those 4 
- If you don’t get the kids you want, you can always “save and exit” 
  and “play” again. The kids are randomized. 
- Keep a diaper on hand at all times and always change on “on the spot”
  instead of carrying them to the change station. If you must go to the
  change station, change and get an extra at the same time. 
- At the beginning of each chapter, familiarize yourself by running 
  from one spot to another. Sometimes even though things look like 
  they’re close together, they’re not. In some levels the hotspot 
  (where Molly stands when she drops off the baby) for the mat is above,
  and some is below. Find out before you start picking up kids. 
- Prioritize the buying of items that shortens feed / sleep / play times.
  The extra chair / crib / play areas aren’t necessary if you master the 
  art of swapping babies. 
- Swap your babies! Don’t move them unless they need something or another 
  baby needs their spot. 
- Once you have the nanny you can handle 5 kids, since you can just leave 
  one with the nanny unless there’s a need to change the diaper. 
- Break up fights immediately - boo boos take as long as diapers.
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